Sunday, March 11, 2018

NYC Sweets: New territories

Happy Sunday! This weekend I finally got to check out New Territories, an adorable Hong Kong style dessert shop on the Lower East Side famous for their beautifully excessive milkshakes. My friend and I went after a disappointing brunch at Poco and while we felt too cold for a milkshake, we treated ourselves to two of New Territories' Bubble Waffle & Artisanal Ice Cream creations. It was delightfully delicious and the dedication to aesthetics was astounding and much appreciated. 

("B with the rose": black tea & rose infused waffle, vanilla bean ice cream, ginger snap cookie, chocolate shavings) 

First of all, it's a small space like most NYC dessert shops but decorated so tastefully and well. You can tell they put in a lot of effort to create perfect photo backdrops for everyone, from a paper flower collage to solid black wood extending from the side tables. We went early on a Friday afternoon so we were able to avoid the crowds and had fun taking photos in front of all the different backdrops set up around New Territories. My favorite was this pink neon sign featuring their slogan "Stop Making Sense"- according to their website, "the interior was designed to create an inviting, gallery-like atmosphere with a few visual pieces to parallel the neighboring art galleries. The art is purposefully incoherent because the founders believe that adulthood is stressful on its own. So relax: things don’t always have to make sense." I don't know about you but that's a sentiment I'm happy to get behind.

("Dark & Snowy": black ash bubble waffle, earl gray ice cream, banana chips, hot fudge drizzle, cream rose)

The customer service was also incredible. I don't know what was happening on Friday, but everywhere we went, we got horrible service (forgotten dishes, rude servers) until we came to New Territories. Some popular places will try to rush you, even when it's pretty empty, but that definitely wasn't the case here. We sampled a few flavors (all amazing) and were helpfully advised by the girl working in the shop.

(Left: "B with the Rose", Right: "Dark & Snowy")

I had the Earl Gray (amazing) that originally came with the "Dark & Snowy" while my friend opted for Vanilla Bean since they were out of Honeycomb for her "B with the Rose". It reminded me of the flavors at Sundaes & Cones but a little stronger, which I prefer. The presentation was beautiful as expected and the taste was honestly better than I anticipated- all the different components in each dish blended deliciously to create a satisfyingly sweet and unique taste. We'll definitely be coming back to try all the other flavors.

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  1. All of those fancy New Territories deserts look yummy! Many of the restaurants I used to visit in lower Manhattan long ago didn't have the kinds of deserts I liked. It's nice learning about desert shops like New Territories.