Friday, March 2, 2018

NYC EATS: Thursday Kitchen

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a long overdue post about Thursday Kitchen, a kitschy little restaurant famous on Instagram for their "adult Capri Suns" and Korean-Spanish fusion cuisine. It's a relatively small restaurant so expect a wait, especially on the weekends. Thursday Kitchen opens at 6pm during the week for dinner and drinks, and from 12-3 and again at 6 during the weekend. We went on a Friday night right before they opened and were able to be seated right away when they opened the doors (there was already a small line forming). Note: Thursday Kitchen doesn't take reservations so the only way to get a spot is to show up early or wait in line.

Obviously we ordered two of the "adult Capri Suns", after all they were the main attraction to us going to Thursday Kitchen. There's 5 options all ranging from $9 to 12 and while I would have loved to try them all, my wallet would be even more of a disaster than it already is. We got the Winter Ruby (sparkling rose, soju, rosemary syrup, grapefruit juice, lemon juice) and the Lychee Reach Rich (soju, lychee, mango). Both were fresh and delicious and adorably packaged in clear Capri Sun style pouches. They also glowed thanks to light orbs inside the pouches- I love it when restaurants take the time to go the extra mile with little touches like this.

 (Left: Lychee Reach Rich, Right: Winter Ruby)

It's a tapas style restaurant so we opted for the Korean popcorn chicken (always a good idea), the truffle mac and cheese, and the "angry sweet potato" because how can you not order something with a name as great as that. There's also a tapa called the "ugly potato" but we decided we were more angry than ugly. 

The Korean popcorn chicken was delicious- perfectly glazed with a sweet and sour sauce and topped with black sesame seeds, it was simply scrumptious. The one serving was also hearty enough for the two of us to share and still be satisfied.

My friend Niyousha and I love all things truffle so we were super excited about the truffle mac and cheese featuring manila clams, a three cheese blend, truffle oil,  and micro basil. We ended up not being big fans of the clams though, it just didn't taste right with the otherwise deliciously creamy dish. We actually started dipping our sweet potato fries in it because it was really more like a cheese sauce than macaroni and cheese. 

Speaking of the sweet potatoes, the "angry sweet potato" ended up being a miss- the dish consists of crispy fingerling potato (fries), with Sriracha goat cheese and cayenne pepper. It sounded intriguing, which is why we order it but the Sriracha and goat cheese combo was more strange than tasty. Still love the name though.

And me being me, I ordered another drink because who doesn't love alcoholic Capri Suns that light up???? This time I tried the Pure Strawberry (soju, muddle strawberries, Korean yuzu) and was delighted with how yummy it was. 

Thursday Kitchen is a great spot for a cozy dinner and delicious drinks, just be sure to get there early so you don't have to wait for a table! By the time we left, people were crowding around the front bar and outside the restaurant while they waited to be seated. I'll definitely be coming back here- there's still two more Capri drinks for me to try, not to mention all the other tapas and cocktails!

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