Monday, March 5, 2018

Keeping things cool

Is it still winter? Is it finally spring?? Global warming has made it pretty hard to tell. I'm not particularly skilled at dressing appropriately for the weather but I have learned that the best way to deal with weather as random as this is to dress in layers (groundbreaking, I know). This outfit was warm enough to walk around the city in the morning when it tends to be chillier but most importantly, cool enough to stay in as the sun warms things up. Most importantly, it's cute as hell with its two tier sleeves and its polished, cool neutral look. Keep reading for outfit details!

I am absolutely obsessed with flowy sleeves, partially because of a book I read when I was little that detailed how Anne Boleyn ordered specially made sleeves to cover the remaining nub of a sixth fingers that had been removed (classic reading for all children, really) but mostly because they're genuinely flattering. Not to mention, fun. I especially love the sleeves on this dress because they feature two tiers, making them extra fluttery and stylish. No surprise, I twirl my hands around a lot when I wear this dress.

I found this dress at TJ Maxx and knew the material was perfect for the upcoming weather. This time of year always gets weird so you really have to prepare yourself. It's a very comfortable fabric that's exactly the right density to feel sturdier than a sundress but lighter than typical winter dresses. I paired the dress with a light gray wool coat from Zara- I typically wear a lot of black but never really experiment with pairing neutrals and thought it would be a fun change. The cool tones suit the atmosphere and also allow me to add layers and different textures while still looking polished.

The key to wearing layers is making sure to include versatile components so you can rearrange yourself as needed. This outfit really only had two true layers, but it was still important to make sure the outfit worked with and without the coat. To do this, I added accessories with the same neutral tones to accent the metallic silver dots on the dress as well as the coat. I wore my favorite kate spade statement necklace, featuring white stones encircled by rectangular rhinestones, which added some sparkle as well as tied in some gold to the outfit since I only wear gold jewelry. I also finally got to take out my new YSL crossbody bag- the gray leather is darker than the coat so it adds depth without mismatching and of course, adds another twinkling of gold with the design on the front.

I'm definitely excited for spring to really be here considering how tired I am of seeing dreary skies and scraggly trees but I do prefer dressing for the cooler months. Wearing layers, even just two, adds so much depth and creativity to outfits. And I'll obviously miss the sleeves (I really have to start working out my arms again) but then again, I can't wait to be visiting parks and lounging around in rooftop pools again. You win some, you lose some. 

OH I also need to point out how sensible my shoes are for once!!! Somewhere, my physical therapist and podiatrist are sighing in relief. These G by Guess rose gold loafers are unbelievably comfy and my new favorite shoes to go out in- I might start exclusively wearing slip on shoes, honestly.

Well, I'm going to go back to watching Doctor Who now- I just found out that Amazon Prime Video has all the old seasons and for whatever reason, I keep wanting to watch or read things I did years and years ago. I literally spent all of yesterday rereading The Hunger Games trilogy and rewatching the movies (still great btw). I'm sure a psychologist could go to town with my sudden penchant for only reading and watching things I know the ending to, as well as some other habits of mine, but that's something to deal with another day.

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. That dress you got at TJ Maxx is beautiful - what a great find! The fabric, sleeves, print, and airy design are wonderful i it's a very pretty dress. Your hair and nailpolish look very pretty.
    Have fun with your Doctor Who watching! I read that English actress Jodie Auckland Whittaker is the new (thirteenth) incarnation of The Doctor in the eleventh series, due to air late this year (2018).
    I'm always intrigued by the time traveling phone booths in Doctor Who.
    I hope your week went well and that next week and your Spring do too. :D