Sunday, January 28, 2018

NYC TREATS: The Blue Box Cafe

Hey everyone! Apologies for the unexpected hiatus, I'm definitely still trying to figure out how to balance working full time with well, the rest of my life. My original plan for this weekend was to hole up in bed and watch tv nonstop but that got derailed when I landed a last minute reservation at The Blue Box Cafe, Tiffany & Co.'s shiny new restaurant offering the chance to eat breakfast at Tiffany's in real life. Designed to feel like you're inside one of Tiffany's classic blue boxes, the admittedly small but cozy cafe is done up in Tiffany blue and complementary neutrals. While the food itself wasn't anything extraordinary, it was still a lovely and worthwhile experience.

If you're looking to check out this gorgeous spot, I highly recommend downloading Resy- it's the only reservation app through which you can book a table at The Blue Box Cafe. Reservations open every day at 9 am for thirty days in advance (I KNOW) (crazy) BUT you can turn on notifications to receive an email whenever there's an opening. Which is what happened to me this morning! I went with my friend Julia and it was really a great place to relax and catch up with one another. The cafe itself is pretty tiny,  I don't think there's more than 10 tables which explains why it's so hard to nail a reservation here, but the lack of people also creates a very pleasant atmosphere. You can actually hear each other without shouting, a rare feat to accomplish in any restaurant in New York.

We got the classic Tiffany tea as well as the breakfast- the menu is pri-fixe so you have to order either the breakfast, lunch, or tea option. I opted for the pricier tea option ($49) because 1) I wanted the 3 tier tray and 2) I'm assuming this will be my one and only visit here, at least for the next few years. The presentation was obviously lovely, being Tiffany's and all, but definitely doesn't compare to other afternoon tea spots in the city. The portions are also rather small compared to somewhere like Tea & Sympathy or Alice's Tea Cup- usually if afternoon tea is on my schedule, I'm expecting it to be my only meal for the day. After I left The Blue Box Cafe though, I was hungry again pretty quickly. I will say though, the Tiffany blend tea was really, really good. Like I'd buy it in bulk to drink it everyday. It's described on the menu as "celebrating the enduring legacy of Tiffany & Co., a blend to embrace life, love and dreams. A fragrant, oral infusion of Chinese and Ceylon black teas with gentle notes of lychee, rose buds, lavender and vanilla". A little obnoxious, yes but still delicious.

The dessert selection is adorable, I honestly don't remember what half of it actually was but the presentation and actual taste were both enjoyable. I really wanted to order the Tiffany celebration cake, a sugary cake designed to look like a Tiffany's box that's definitely one of the cafe's more popular options simply based on its Instagram-ability but couldn't justify shelling out another $39. 

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's- the use of yellow face anywhere is absolutely deplorable and as gorgeous as Audrey Hepburn is, the film was never all that interesting to me. The original novel though, written by Truman Capote, is an absolute gem and I couldn't recommend it more. I read it a year ago in one of my writing classes and the writing is just gorgeous, my professor recommended it to anyone who enjoys pretty language and emotion. It doesn't hurt that the book cover is colored Tiffany blue, a beautiful addition to any library.

Anyway, The Blue Box Cafe was a nice place to go- it's very modern and aesthetically pleasing. It's definitely pricey but hey, Tiffany's is where you can buy a ball of sterling silver yarn for $1000 so is anyone really surprised? The decor is obviously very nice and luxurious, but I couldn't help but wish Tiffany's had done a little more. I was honestly hoping for something more like the Tiffany trailer Massie Block designs in one of the The Clique books (if you know, you know).

It's definitely more about the experience than the food itself so adjust your expectations accordingly- I'd still recommend checking it out, it made for a really wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Well, now I've gotta go work on some other projects, and exercise, and shower, and sleep at a reasonable time so I don't die at work so until next time, bye! 

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