Monday, July 17, 2017

NJ Spots: Hidden Grounds Coffee

While there's a trendy coffee shop on every corner in the city, they're a little harder to find in New Jersey- or at least around my neighborhood. A friend recommended Hidden Grounds Coffee in New Brunswick to me awhile back though, and so I finally ventured over there with my high school friend Lia. Located right by Rutgers on Easton Avenue, Hidden Grounds is in the lower level of a nondescript building but is definitely a hidden treasure.

I was never one for studying in coffeeshops or basically anywhere that wasn't my bed, but Hidden Grounds is definitely where I'd want to sit down with a good book or work on writing if I went to Rutgers. It's a small shop (still more spacious than NYC cafes) but one with roomy tables and a lot of natural light streaming in through the windows. 

I got one of their specialties, the Rose Iced Chai and it was delicious! Not to mention super pretty. It was refreshing with a rose-infused aftertaste that wasn't overpowering. 

The Mocha is also really good and also very pretty- they know what they're doing with the latte art here. Definitely recommend this as well, just maybe not in 90 degree weather.

Overall, I really liked Hidden Grounds and would definitely go back-- it's a nice little spot to hang with friends or even go on a casual date. It seems like a cool local place, I saw a sign listing daily specials like Tea Tuesdays (50% off hot or iced teas) and other fun deals like that. They also have an expresso bar in New Brunswick so I'll be checking that out at some point! Hope you're all having a great week~

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