Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fun in the Sun

Somehow I've forgotten that the summer is, you know, hot. To be fair, global warming has been making the weather crazy random but anyway, I've been struggling with finding more casual outfits to wear- I love my flowy, off the shoulder dresses but sometimes I do just want to keep things low key. I found the answer in a pair of high waisted elephant shorts and a fun graphic t-shirt from Korea.

I love this shirt so much, it's the greatest purchase I've ever made!!!!! It really speaks to my inner angst. I know I'm melodramatic and I appreciate how well this shirt captures that side of me. Also please ignore my wet hair, I came straight from the pool and gave up on trying to make it look presentable.

I'm so glad I found these elephant shorts- I'm not sure if they're actually called elephant shorts or related to elephant pants (you know, those flowy style pants with elaborately printed designs typically featuring elephants that people usually get in Southeast Asia) but they remind me of elephant pants so elephant shorts they are! I wore these new Sojo sunglasses (literally $10 on Amazon) and liked rocking the dark shades- I've been obsessed with light, mirrored sunglasses so it was a nice change of pace.

(SoJo sunglasses, Kate Spade bag)

Also shout out to Playa Bowls in New Brunswick for this super cute pineapple wall- my Instagram owes you!

Hope you're all having a great week & staying cool!

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