Friday, June 23, 2017

Taiyaki NYC: Unicorn Icecream

Voted the "#1 most instagrammable food in NYC" by Buzzfeed, Taiyaki NYC is a popular Japanese dessert spot serving up a classic Japanese snack with a trendy twist, combining icecream with freshly baked biscuits shaped like fish that are traditionally eaten for breakfast in Japan.

The texture is similar to a soft waffle and a very tasty alternative to a regular icecream cone. Taiyaki is located right by Chinatown and Little Italy on 119 Baxter Street- it's a little small so be prepared to wait for a seat or eat outside.

We got the unicorns, aka the prettiest item on the menu at the moment- they're always adding new designs so you never know when there's going to be something prettier. Strawberry and vanilla icecream are swirled onto the fish and topped with a golden horn and ears. C'est magnifique! 10/10 definitely recommend stopping by if you're on the hunt for something cold and sweet or if you just want to update your Instagram- it's worth it.

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