Thursday, June 22, 2017

Job Interview Season 

I had one of my first post-grad job interviews yesterday which was a little nerve wracking but also fun because I finally got to wear this ruffled sleeve dress from Zara! I spotted it while waiting at the airport in Hong Kong last month and knew I had to have it. I'm obsessed with the light blue and white pin stripe fabric and knew the cut would be flattering- I feel like you eventually get to a point where you can tell if something will look good on you and while most of the time that means I instinctively know most things won't look good on me, this was the rare time where I knew it would work. 
For my interview, I wanted to be formal without being stuffy or overdressed (I can't stand blazers) and felt confident in this look. I think it's important to look like yourself and feel good- the way I dress definitely impacts how I carry myself and so I wanted to wear something I knew I felt confident in. The dress is very light, perfect for breezing through the humid city air, and dressed up quite nicely with a pair of black patent leather heels from Michael Kors. 

(Dress: Zara, Bag: Kate Spade, Heels: Michael Kors)

I decided to go with my old Kate Spade handbag- I definitely need to start searching for a more ~professional~ bag, but I liked the combination of blue & blue (it's the Kappa in me) and how the cool colors offset my very stubborn tan (I like sitting in the sun and getting dark but I also get super self conscious about it???? Probably from years of old Korean ladies at church clucking their tongues at my "dirty skin"). I also kept my jewelry simple and just wore my favorites- somehow all from Kate Spade. Bauble earjacket earrings, a flower pendant, and this classic bangle added a little sparkle while still being professional. 

(My nails are done for once, hallelujah!!!!) 

I'm seriously obsessed with the ruffled sleeves on this dress- anything that flares is flattering in my book, and the ruffles add a hefty dose of stylish fun to what would otherwise be a pretty but plain dress. I'm a big advocate for being comfortable while still cute and this dress gets the job done- I could move freely even went to grab a drink and food with friends after my interview! My only caveat is that the dress wrinkles rather easily but it still looks fresh, never rumpled.

I think nude heels would also look great with this outfit but committed to my black heels because I just felt more *adult* in them. Hey it's the little things, right?

Anyway, fingers crossed that I get some good news soon! Hope everyone's enjoying today, I've had a very lazy summer day lounging around re-reading my favorite books. We're also finally going to open our pool so I'm excited! Talk to y'all later, xo

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