Monday, June 12, 2017

Casual in Cabo: Vacation Style

Hey hey hey, how's it going? I kind of went on an unintentional hiatus with the outfit posts (and writing on here in general) but I'm back now! I'm currently on vacation in Los Cabo, Mexico with my family and feeling like I'm in paradise everyday. I did a lot of last minute shopping before our trip (classic) and my favorite find is definitely this matching top & bottom striped set from *drum roll please* Target!! Target isn't the first place I think of when I'm on the hunt for new clothes but I love this set so much and it was only $20!! The stripes are slimming (yesss) and I love that I can also wear these pieces separately with other clothing, so it's really three outfits!

(Top & Bottom: Target, Bag: Zara)

The off-the-shoulder top is stretchy and fits comfortably around my arms, just like the matching pants. The fabric just feels super light and I can't wait to wear it to brunch or a museum day in the city when I get back. I accessorized with my favorite Kate Spade baubles: ear jacket earrings, floral pendant, and a bangle to add a fun touch. 

(Necklace: Kate Spade)

I'm also so happy I finally got to break in this leather purse from Zara! My mom got it for me in Spain a year ago and I just haven't had a chance to use it. I adore the gold hardware and it fits my camera, phone, wallet, everything, perfectly. Definitely going to be using this bag a lot this summer! I've always loved brown leather for summer looks, there's something very pretty about it.

(Bag: Zara, Bangle: Kate Spade)

When on vacation, I really just want to be comfortable and this outfit is exactly that. I always say I never wear pants but for this look I'll make an exception. It feels like I'm wearing super cute pajamas all the time- which is exactly how I want to feel while lounging around a relaxing resort in Cabo. 

I've got another fun look I want to share so y'all will be hearing from me again soon! Plus I've got a bunch of food & travel posts to catch up on because I graduated from NYU last month (wooo!) and was traveling around Asia until this week (so. much. good. food.) Hope you're all enjoying the summer so far~

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