Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Beauty Review: Peter Thomas Roth Face Masks

If I'm being honest, I'm really lazy when it comes to skincare. I still use Aveeno body lotion for my face and basically whatever products my mom gives me is what makes up my skincare regimen. I do love face masks though- clay masks are like my war buddies, they were with me back when acne was trying to colonize my entire face- which is why I was so excited to get Peter Thomas Roth's MASK-A-HOLIC set for Christmas this year! Below are short reviews of my experiences with each mask, in the order I tried them.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

NYC Sweets: Flour Shop

Chances are, if you've been on Instagram in the last week (tbh, the past year), you've seen the brightly colored confections Flour Shop has become famous for. Created by Amirah Kassem, Flour Shop creates fun, colorful desserts and serves them up in a rainbow filled shop down in SoHo.

Check out the photos below to get a taste of our trip to the Flour Shop earlier today!

Friday, September 29, 2017

September In The City

Soooo I start working next week- starting Monday you can find me at Yelp where I will be being a real life adult who does adult things. That sounded convincing enough, right? I don't think I've ever felt more like a child, like who let me graduate and who the hell let me turn 22??? This whole growing up thing is stressful af but I really am excited to be starting something new. And of course, I'm excited to be shopping for new clothes! (I'll take any excuse to get new things. As a wise man once said, "Love? Love fades away. But things? Things are forever" -Tom Haverford, Parks and Rec)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Roses & Pearls

Every summer I pretty much end up wearing the same dress after awhile and this summer, this black embroidered dress is the one. I found it on Amazon (!!!) and am completely obsessed with the red rose design embroidered on the top and bottom. It's a simple dress with deceptively elaborate detailing, like the criss cross neckline, so you literally just throw it on and look put together. I wore my favorite mirrored sunglasses and also slipped on leather platform sandals to dress up the whole look without going overboard.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Stripes (& Ruffles)

After 4 painful, exhausting years, my laptop finally gave up on life a week ago. Which to be completely honest, is a pretty impressively long time for any electronic device to survive with me (just ask all the phones I've destroyed over the years) but also meant I kept putting off writing any new posts. Until today!! My laptop is still being repaired but I realized I should post my summer outfit pictures before, you know, summer's over. 

So here's my latest summer outfit, brought to you via my sister's laptop (thanks Christine)! I've been feeling a lot more comfortable with my appearance since being more careful about what I eat & making sure to exercise, so I've started shopping more again. I'm obsessed with this new white ruffled off the shoulder top from H&M and loved how it looked with my comfy black and white striped pants, last worn on my trip to Cabo! Definitely a fun summertime look, perfect for a day with friends or a nice weekend brunch.

                                                        (Top: H&M, Pants: Target, Necklace: kate spade, Sunglasses: SoJo)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NJ Spots: Playa Bowls

Not So Fun Fact: there's not a single Liquiteria in New Jersey- barbaric, I know. We do, however, have Playa Bowls which is basically Jersey's take on a juice / smoothie bowl shop with a beach theme. I still prefer Liquiteria but to be fair I haven't really given Playa Bowls a real chance considering I always order the same pitaya bowl because it's the most photogenic (I know who I am, okay).  Playa Bowls offers juices, smoothies, coffee, and of course, a fun assortment of creatively named bowls made from acai, pitaya, chia, coconut, oatmeal, and greens. There's definitely more options here than Liquiteria and now that they've opened up a location that doesn't require a long drive down the shore (yay New Brunswick!) (boo possibly running into people I know from high school in Rutgers territory), I'll maybe be trying more of their menu.

Fun in the Sun

Somehow I've forgotten that the summer is, you know, hot. To be fair, global warming has been making the weather crazy random but anyway, I've been struggling with finding more casual outfits to wear- I love my flowy, off the shoulder dresses but sometimes I do just want to keep things low key. I found the answer in a pair of high waisted elephant shorts and a fun graphic t-shirt from Korea.

Monday, July 17, 2017

NJ Spots: Hidden Grounds Coffee

While there's a trendy coffee shop on every corner in the city, they're a little harder to find in New Jersey- or at least around my neighborhood. A friend recommended Hidden Grounds Coffee in New Brunswick to me awhile back though, and so I finally ventured over there with my high school friend Lia. Located right by Rutgers on Easton Avenue, Hidden Grounds is in the lower level of a nondescript building but is definitely a hidden treasure.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Chilling in Blue

Hey everyone! It's freakishly chilly out so I figured I might as well write a blog post while I lounge around in bed all day. I spent the day in SoHo earlier this week and went on a marathon dessert eating session with one of my sorority sisters (still no regrets). As always, I wanted to be comfortable but cute and found the answer in a lace trimmed off the shoulder blouse from American Eagle and textured white skater skirt.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NYC EATS: Miss Paradis

I love finding new places to eat in the city- NYC is full of trendy brunch restaurants all serving artfully plated avocado toast and colorful acai bowls, but after awhile they all start to blend together. Still great places to go eat, but you definitely start looking for something that sets a place apart from all the other cute little spots. At Miss Paradis in SoHo, it's definitely the atmosphere and the rose themed drink menu. It's also vegetarian!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Cool For The Summer

In the summer, my priority is definitely staying cool because I hate sweating. Flowy, off-the-shoulder dresses are perfect for this and so they've become a staple in my summer wardrobe. I love this linen black on black polka dot dress from H&M- it fits comfortably and feels so light. I wanted to add some color to my very dark outfit so I added pink bobble earrings, an old pink leather bag from Juicy Couture (tbt middle school!!) and a pair of very delicately embroidered sandals!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Taiyaki NYC: Unicorn Icecream

Voted the "#1 most instagrammable food in NYC" by Buzzfeed, Taiyaki NYC is a popular Japanese dessert spot serving up a classic Japanese snack with a trendy twist, combining icecream with freshly baked biscuits shaped like fish that are traditionally eaten for breakfast in Japan.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Job Interview Season 

I had one of my first post-grad job interviews yesterday which was a little nerve wracking but also fun because I finally got to wear this ruffled sleeve dress from Zara! I spotted it while waiting at the airport in Hong Kong last month and knew I had to have it. I'm obsessed with the light blue and white pin stripe fabric and knew the cut would be flattering- I feel like you eventually get to a point where you can tell if something will look good on you and while most of the time that means I instinctively know most things won't look good on me, this was the rare time where I knew it would work. 
For my interview, I wanted to be formal without being stuffy or overdressed (I can't stand blazers) and felt confident in this look. I think it's important to look like yourself and feel good- the way I dress definitely impacts how I carry myself and so I wanted to wear something I knew I felt confident in. The dress is very light, perfect for breezing through the humid city air, and dressed up quite nicely with a pair of black patent leather heels from Michael Kors. 

(Dress: Zara, Bag: Kate Spade, Heels: Michael Kors)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Easy, Breezy, Beach Bum

Hey look- I kept my promise about posting more regularly! Keeping this one short because it's a fairly simple summer look. I found this gorgeous blue and white floral print cover up at TJ Max (I'm really on a roll with this whole bargain shopping thing) and paired it with my handy dandy white hat from Nordstrom Rack last summer (see, I can be thrifty when I want to be, MOM). The result is a relaxed, chic ensemble perfect for roaming the beach or wearing to the pool. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Casual in Cabo: Vacation Style

Hey hey hey, how's it going? I kind of went on an unintentional hiatus with the outfit posts (and writing on here in general) but I'm back now! I'm currently on vacation in Los Cabo, Mexico with my family and feeling like I'm in paradise everyday. I did a lot of last minute shopping before our trip (classic) and my favorite find is definitely this matching top & bottom striped set from *drum roll please* Target!! Target isn't the first place I think of when I'm on the hunt for new clothes but I love this set so much and it was only $20!! The stripes are slimming (yesss) and I love that I can also wear these pieces separately with other clothing, so it's really three outfits!

(Top & Bottom: Target, Bag: Zara)