Sunday, April 10, 2016

Brunching in Berlin: Roamers

Berlin is a hidden treasure trove when it comes to brunch spots. My friend Niyousha and I found the prettiest, most tumblr-esque cafe in Berlin at Roamers. They don't even have a website, just a gorgeous Tumblr page with photos of hanging greenery and berries sprinkled over beautiful cakes. Self-described as having "farm house charm with a breeze of California, woody & rustic, stuffed with plants & country music, handcrafted food adorned with a fistful of love", Roamers is what the love child of Brooklyn, Soho, and LA would be after a dreamy affair in a field of succulents. Okay, I'm getting carried away but honestly Roamers is such an artistic and aesthetically pleasing little cafe- my photos definitely don't do this place any justice at all. 

There's greenery everywhere- plants hanging from the ceiling, growing across the walls- it's a sight to behold.

I forget what Niyousha ordered but it was amazing, just look at that skillet. The food here was as delicious as it was artisanal. I'm not really a coffee person so I don't have the best knowledge of what good coffee is but the ones at Roamers tasted pretty amazing. The food was obviously very, very good, and the presentation very much on point.

I ordered the French toast, something I haven't had in years because I always choose to go with a savory brunch over a sweet one but since this was our second brunch of the day (lol) (it still counts as brunch oKAY) I wanted to switch it up. The bread was cut in thick slices that were teetering right between being crunchy and soft and was sprinkled with powdered sugar. There was an artful handful of berries arranged next to the French toast which accompanied the sweetness of the toast perfectly. Ugh, I'm getting hungry just writing about it.

I tried a bite of Niyousha's entree, something with a poached egg in a skillet with tomatoes and red peppers- it was full of flavor and warmed my belly. The salad that came on the side was also fresh and drizzled with a light vinaigrette of some kind that tasted spectacular. If I ever get the chance to return to Berlin, I'm heading to Roamers to order this.

Roamers also has wooden platters covered in rustic, beautiful cakes. All of the cakes are decorated with sprigs of greenery and have berries strewn artfully across and around them. We came with every intent of devouring a slice of the carrot cake but tragically were too full (a fatal downfall) and I really wish we had been able to because they looked so, so delicious.

Roamers is an artsy Tumblr brought to life in cafe/brunch form and I'm in love with it. If you get the chance to be in Berlin, I highly recommend swinging by this rustically artsy brunch spot. It's tiny and very reminiscent of the crowded cafes in SoHo so there may be a line but trust me, Roamers is worth the wait.

Hurrah! My second (and last) brunch post from Berlin is now complete! It's so weird to be writing about a place I was weeks ago but it's been hard to try and keep up while still traveling. I'm actually currently sitting at a Joe & The Juice (the coffee shake is to die for) in an airport in Iceland, of all places. Don't worry, I'll be writing about Iceland soon enough. But first, I've still got to cover Venice, Florence, and Nice. What can I say? Spring break was the trip of a lifetime.

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