Friday, April 8, 2016

Brunching in Berlin: Datscha

My favorite discovery over spring break was finding out that Berlin is more of a brunch hotspot than I ever expected it to be. Although Niyousha and I's original 'brunching in Berlin' plan was to try Silo Coffee, a popular cafe dominating Berlin food bloggers' Instagrams, we ended up at Datscha, a quirky Russian eatery in Friedrichshain.  Silo Coffee was apparently having issues with its pipes and water the one day we wanted to try their photogenic brunch entrees. Starving and a bit sleep deprived, I needed food desperately. The other restaurants we had researched online were in the opposite direction we'd just come from and it felt silly to walk back when there were plenty of other eateries around us. After scanning the many menus tacked to the restaurants' walls and attempting to gauge the atmosphere, we ended up at Datscha. And oh boy oh boy, it might've been the best brunch of my life. 

While our empty stomachs were definitely a factor in why Datscha was so delicious and fulfilling, I still think Datscha had amazing food and I wish I could go back immediately. We ordered two entrees, including the Datscha (chicken filet backed with tomato and cheese, scrambled eggs, homemade Russian ham, Jamon Serrano with honey melon, beetroot carpaccio with parmesan butter and a breadbasket) and the Blintschiki (Russian pancakes with homemade jam, fruit, and sour cream). We also ordered Russian dumplings, I forget the exact kind and it's not available on the menu online but I assure you they were absolutely heavenly. 

Our brunch at Datscha was basically our second meal in Berlin and away from London and it did not disappoint (British food really gets to you after awhile). The restaurant itself was interesting, with quips about communism/socialism in the menu (lol) and colorful glassware stacked against the windows. If Datscha was in New York, it would have a line out the door every weekend, and you'd 100% find me in that line.

My tastebuds are getting sad just remembering how scrumptious the dumplings were and how perfectly thin yet filling the blini were- I was also super excited about finally trying blini because some of my favorite historical fiction novels are about Russian royalty and ALL of them have mentioned blini at some point. There's a funny quote in a book about Anastasia from the Romanov sisters joking that Anastasia was going to turn into blini if she ate anymore. Blini is buttery and soft and you can spread jam across it, you can add fruit, you can roll it up, you can literally do whatever you want with it and it tastes amazing. I wish I could turn into blini. Just look at those perfect folds. Ugh.

Now I've got just one more 'brunching in Berlin' post to write! I'm currently stranded at the airport (it's a long story) (ok it's actually a short story but it's embarrassing to explain so let's just leave it at that) (I'm shaking my head at myself, I promise) so I definitely have the time to keep writing. HOWEVER, I also have three (!!!) episodes of Grey's Anatomy AND How to Get Away With Murder to catch up on. I've also got limited battery power, since I wasn't expecting to need a plug adapter at the airport. It's true, I'm a bit of a mess but to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Guten Tag y'all! 

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