Thursday, March 10, 2016

Update on well, everything

For a reason still unknown to me, I felt compelled to post an update on here while in the shower this morning at 7:30. So here I am, about an hour later, sitting in my bed and tentatively typing as my brain tries to decide if I'm really going to write all this right now, knowing I have to go to class in an hour and take a midterm. Apparently the answer is yes because I'm still going- I don't even know where to start though! So much has been happening. Also, please enjoy these pictures from the magical place that is Borough Market in London.

I've realized many people are under the impression that I don't like studying abroad and I want to correct that untrue assumption because I do like studying abroad. I'm just not a fan of flaunting it as being THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!! to everyone because I think enough people do that and I've always been a fan of just being honest. So here's the truth about studying abroad, for me anyway: it's weird as heck. I've already made so many unforgettable, amazing memories with both old friends and new, and I've also felt lonely and out of place. I love being away and just knowing I'm gone, I literally still tear up whenever I get on a train or a plane (I'm dramatic, I know) and my weekend trips to places like Dublin and Paris have been incredible. I'm much more independent here than I ever was in New York and yes, I love hearing British accents everywhere I go. I'm not going to say it's the most amazing time ever!! though because there are cons that do accompany studying abroad and I think it's silly to pretend that studying abroad is exactly what you see on Instagram and Facebook.

It does take me a long time to adjust anywhere new and London hasn't been an exception. That being said, I love being here. I questioned my choice to come here a lot- should I have gone to Florence? Paris? Should I have even left New York? No, no, and I still don't know the answer to that last question but most days I lean towards yes. Coming here was HUGE for me because I put it off for so long for, if I'm being completely honest, a boy. You know that quote about never making a decision based on a boy? YEAH, listen to that shit. However, I don't regret waiting to leave because I like that I came knowing who I am and being waaaay more grounded than I ever was freshmen/sophomore year, which I think has given me what feels like a much more monumental experience here already. I'm a little sad to be missing Greek Week/ the spring semester in New York in general but I also think being abroad has made New York and NYU exciting for me again. You really do get jaded after a few years and I definitely needed a break from the fast-paced, constant GO GO GO attitude of the city and a lot of the negativity I felt like I was surrounded by.

Another point: I'm happy with London because despite how much I love learning new languages, I absolutely suck at speaking them. Reading, writing? I've got you covered. But speaking? I can't. The sounds that come out of my mouth are barely words when I try to pronounce French. I've never given Italian a try and who knows, maybe I'd surprise myself with it, but at the end of the day, I like being somewhere that's both new and familiar. London is very similar to New York, a fact that disappointed me the first time I visited here about 3 years ago but now it's a fact I cherish. It's amazing to be able to go visit the Tower of London and see so much of Britain's history firsthand, and then pop on over to Shake Shack to enjoy a burger (THERE'S NO LINE HERE IT'S AMAZING).

(also really good in London? the food at Borough Market)

I'm also just happy in general. There were a lot of people/things I feel like I needed to get away from and being, you know, on another continent, has definitely helped put things in a much better, healthier perspective. I've gotten absolutely no sleep in the past 48 hours (had a paper due today and a midterm to study for) but when I went to go take a shower, I almost started laughing because of how happy I felt. Maybe it's actually the sleep deprivation talking but I don't know, I'm doing good here. Really good.

Sooo other quick updates because I've gotta run to class soon: I ended up switching dorms. In NYU terms, I basically moved from the London equivalent of Hayden to Lafayette. Crazy, I know. It was definitely the right choice though, all of my closest friends live here, I have a single (very necessary) with my own bathroom, and I'm just a lot more comfortable. My bed's also twice as big so yeah, I love it. I'm going to see In The Heights tonight and I'm excited AF because it's one of the first musicals I ever watched/listened to fully/LOVED so ah!!!! Okay, okay gotta stop writing now and leave. I'll be posting about my Paris trip soon!

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