Thursday, February 18, 2016

Eating London: Cereal Killer Cafe

There are a few places I've been dying to visit in London and the top one was Cereal Killer Cafe- you'll probably recognize it from Instagram, it's the one with glass cereal bowls topped off with sugary colorful confections set on top of a vintage-esque countertop emblazoned with the cafe's logo. To celebrate being reunited with Julia, a few of the Kappas in London trekked over to Shoreditch (basically the Williamsburg/ hipster central of London) to enjoy some very photogenic cereal.

Cereal Killer Cafe essentially has every cereal to have ever existed, especially the sugary, completely unhealthy ones from your childhood. The walls are decorated with shelves stacked with colorful cereal boxes and the whole cafe gives off a very retro vibe. It's a tiny place so it's definitely smart to go during the week when it's less crowded. We went on a Saturday (lol) but with a bit of maneuvering, our group was able to claim the oh-so coveted counter top facing the windows (aka where you get the best lighting for photos). My favorite part was getting a chocolate hippo as a topping on my 'unicorn poop' cereal cocktail- look how cute it is!!              

Overall, Cereal Killer Cafe is adorable and every Instagram lovers' dream. It's fun being able to relive your childhood through cereal and the combinations the cafe has come up with are delicious. It does get super crowded though, so it's probably best to go during the week. I definitely can't wait to go back and try another 'cereal cocktail' or maybe just get a bowl of all my favorite childhood cereals. There's basically an endless list of things to try here and I'm looking forward to my next visit very much! 

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