Sunday, January 17, 2016

I have no idea what to title this

Holy crap, it's 2016. A new year, a blank slate, a fresh start- ya know, all that good stuff. I've been at home in Jersey sleeping in and watching possibly (probably) (ok definitely) unhealthy amounts of TV. On a side note, if you're looking for a new show to watch, you should check out iZombie! It's yes, a zombie show, and aside from the slightly eh title, it's actually a fantastic show with witty dialogue and complex characters, and overall it's incredibly well made. Props to my sister Christine for getting me hooked on it- the first season's available on Netflix- also thank you to my sister for paying for Netflix...ANYWAY, here's a comfy and casual outfit for anybody else chilling at home that's low maintenance but cute/flattering enough to prevent former classmates from texting group chats about how sloppy/fat you've become (everyone's worst nightmare, right??) (maybe just me but whatever!!). There's really nothing spectacular about this outfit but my accessories are pretty cute so bear with me as we venture into the land of basic college girls.

(KKG spirit jersey, Lucky Brand scarf, Tory Burch boots, Marc Jacobs bag)

The ingredients to this classically basic concoction include: a spirit jersey (preferably with your sorority stitched across the back to serve as evidence that you are, in fact, doing something at school), black leggings, riding boots, and sunglasses to hide the bags that have developed under your eyes from staying up way, way past your nonexistent bedtime. Add in an embroidered scarf (Lucky Brand), a statement necklace (Kate Spade), and a relatively fancy bag (Marc Jacobs) to remind the plebs of your hometown that you're still better than them. Emphasize this reminder with flashy Tory Burch riding boots and a hefty stack of Alex + Ani bracelets- the more you wear, the more important you are.

In all seriousness though, I'm really happy to have finally bought myself a Marc Jacobs bag- I've been obsessed with the classic gold hardware for years and I ~finally~ decided to commit to having a nice bag other than the most likely traumatized Longchamp I throw everything into. I was nervous about having a light-colored bag but it's proven to be pretty sturdy and the light beige shade looks lovely with my increasingly darker wardrobe.

I'm only crying a little while writing this post because these pictures were taken before my *gasp* haircut. I hate haircuts, they're always too short but I definitely needed a trim and blah blah blah split ends blah blah blah. I also dyed it but it's subtle, kind of. I originally wanted to get bayalage done  but suddenly wanted to just change everything completely. You'll see in my next outfit post. Anyway, this post has been half serious, mostly me joking, possibly a satire. Actually it probably could've been a cool satire if I'd tried. Damn my commitment issues. REGARDLESS the moral of the story is it's easy to look put together! Which is very necessary when you're ~home~ and in danger of running into people you know. Is it an irrational fear? Perhaps but I'll think about that later when I'm far, far away from this tiny town and its ghosts. 

Till next time,
me, in my room, drinking tea and waiting for an episode of New Girl to load.

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