Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NYC Brunching: Dudleys

Easily the most aesthetically pleasing brunch since Jack's Wife Freda, Dudleys is a dream come true for brunch lovers and Instagram gurus everywhere. Located in the Lower East Side on the corner of Orchard Street and Broome, Dudleys is small with outdoor seating available (well, when it's not freezing cold outside) as well as a grocery store attached. Inside Dudleys is a row of small marble top tables alongside the wall of windows facing Orchard Street as well as stools for sitting at a counter top facing Broome. An old fashioned bar is fully stocked and an array of creative cocktails are available. 

I met up with my good friend and sorority sister Rebecca who has just returned from studying abroad in London! Lucky for me, Rebecca got there a little early and nabbed the highly coveted corner window seat (aka perfect lighting). It wasn't too crowded as we'd come on a Tuesday- I always recommend brunching during the week for the best experience as there aren't as many people so you're likely to be seated right away without dealing with the hungover masses seeking out weekend Saturday/Sunday brunch. I also prefer to brunch with up to 4 people, I've found that going with any more people than that is too much of a hassle in New York. Also the last time I had brunch plans with too many people, someone knocked over my entire entree so there's that (#NeverForget).

Rebecca is one of my favorite friends to brunch with and it was unbelievably nice to catch up with her and hear about all of her awesome adventures in Europe. She ordered the pancakes and I got the smashed avocado toast with a fried eggs as well as a bowl of fries with truffled aioli sauce. Both were delicious and the perfect amount of food to satisfy our impatient stomachs. The pancakes come with hazelnuts, sliced bananas, a miniature silver pitcher of maple syrup, and are the size of the rustic plate they're served on. I thought the smashed avocado toast was amazing, the avocado to bread ratio was very much on point as was the salsa verde and cherry tomatoes. 

This was honestly the best brunch I've had in a long time and I can't wait to eat here again when I return from London. Check out to take a look at the insanely fabulous menu and let me know what you think if you do venture to this gorgeous eatery!

Monday, January 18, 2016

back to school essentials

So the thing about NYU is, we have a really long winter break. I think it's because NYU has J-term classes or maybe it's done out of consideration for all the international students who are still halfway around the world but regardless, it means I'm still home for another ten days. And then on the 27th, I fly out to London!!!! Ah!!!! I've put off studying abroad for two years so it feels really good to finally be going. I've finally started replacing my worn out bags and investing in new accessories that let me present myself the way I want to- it sounds cheesy but it really does motivate me to do better, to do more. You know how they say when you look your best, you do your best? I think the same applies to the accessories you use. So here's to 2016: a new semester, new classes, and lots of new goodies.

My favorite back to school essentials now include this lovely black Kate Spade laptop bag- I've never been a fan of backpacks but stuffing my laptop into a purse was definitely not doing my back any favors. I typically only bring a laptop, planner, and my phone to class so now I can keep everything in one compact bag without worrying about whether my tote will rip. I was also excited to find this gorgeous pink leather envelope folder at Target, of all places. It was a great deal and definitely useful for carrying important papers as I discovered this past week while traipsing up and down NYC for interviews. 

I've also stocked up on these gorgeous notebooks from Rifle Paper Co., available at Paper Source aka the most magical store for paper goods: planners, cards, decorations, literally everything. I try to avoid walking by Paper Source to prevent me from running in and buying an endless amount of banners and thank you cards. If you're in need of cute notebooks that are also durable, definitely swing by Paper Source but be warned: you're going to want everything.

And now that I'm ready to go back to school, I've just gotta figure out what to do with my last week here at home. Feel free to send some suggestions my way!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I have no idea what to title this

Holy crap, it's 2016. A new year, a blank slate, a fresh start- ya know, all that good stuff. I've been at home in Jersey sleeping in and watching possibly (probably) (ok definitely) unhealthy amounts of TV. On a side note, if you're looking for a new show to watch, you should check out iZombie! It's yes, a zombie show, and aside from the slightly eh title, it's actually a fantastic show with witty dialogue and complex characters, and overall it's incredibly well made. Props to my sister Christine for getting me hooked on it- the first season's available on Netflix- also thank you to my sister for paying for Netflix...ANYWAY, here's a comfy and casual outfit for anybody else chilling at home that's low maintenance but cute/flattering enough to prevent former classmates from texting group chats about how sloppy/fat you've become (everyone's worst nightmare, right??) (maybe just me but whatever!!). There's really nothing spectacular about this outfit but my accessories are pretty cute so bear with me as we venture into the land of basic college girls.

(KKG spirit jersey, Lucky Brand scarf, Tory Burch boots, Marc Jacobs bag)