Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meet my Little!!!

I officially have a little! This post is long overdue but I'm so happy to share that I have a perfect and amazing little who I've loved since before she joined Kappa. I actually met Acacia at Meet the Greeks, a tabling event way back in September before formal recruitment started where each organization had members set up at a table to talk to potential new members. The auditorium was way too crowded and loud, so I definitely didn't hear Acacia's name when she introduced herself but we had a nice little chat and I was happy to notice that she stuck around the Kappa table even when Panhel and IGC made announcements that people needed to keep circulating around the room. When I got home that night I told my roommate about the adorable and cool girl I'd briefly met and tried not to get my hopes up that she would go Kappa. Fast forward through recruitment and to Bid Day when I excitedly checked the Bid List to find her name and made sure to be her Bid Day Buddy. I have high key been obsessed with Acacia from the very beginning and my friends have pages of text messages to (sometimes embarrassingly) prove it. Here's a cute picture of us before Kappa's Semi Formal last night!

Anyway, October was full of crafting and tracking down gifts for my beautiful little who still had no idea who her big was. I had a little too much fun with the faux Facebook page the bigs make for their littles but hey, I kept everyone entertained. Here's an example of my awesome photo editing skills:

So for a week my identity was a secret and it was so much fun- honestly I feel so lucky to have such a funny and spontaneous little who's already killing it her first year at NYU. Note: she's in Stern! My little is a Sternie. She's so smart :'))
I think our reveal was perfect- the Bigs and Littles were in separate rooms and the Bigs wore costumes. Post-its saying what we were dressed as were put on each of our Littles' foreheads and they had to ask each other questions to figure out our costumes at which point they would run into the room to find us. I ordered tiaras and sashes for my little and I to be dressed as prom queens (the original plan was to wear my prom dress but the thing literally weighs 15 pounds so I scratched that plan) and brought a huge basket of gifts.

And of course here's some pictures of the millions crafts and surprises I put together:

So although this semester has been bit of a blur, I know the best part has been getting my little. This is the last picture, I promise- it's from reveal and features the lovely Julia from with her perfect little Kate too!

This post is all over the place but the moral of the story is that I have a perfect little who I spoil and I love her very much :)
P.S. If you want to see more of my crafts/decorations, check out @enerianna on Pinterest!

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