Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Outfits: Twirling in Tulle

Hello, it's me. I've been excessively MIA these past two months but I'm back now!
As the holiday season unfurls into full swing, festive outfits become an increasingly important necessity for parties, dinners, and of course, Instagram posts. My personal favorite thing to wear to Christmas parties and other winter festivities is a tulle skirt. It's full, it's fun, and you look like a ballerina princess while you twirl around. Now that the semester's winding down, I'll be posting a few more holiday outfit ideas for y'all- so today, here's a simple way to style a tulle skirt this holiday season!

I opted for a more simple look with my ice blue tulle skirt by pairing it with a black long-sleeved blouse but made sure to add a little a lot of sparkle and glamour with this lovely pearl statement necklace from Trend Tribe. A showy clothing item like a tulle skirt can easily be overwhelming so an easy preventative style measure is to keep the color palette as well as accessories minimal. Here, my flouncy ballerina skirt and eye-catching necklace are the focus of the outfit and results in a feminine look that is anything but gaudy.

I'm all about this beautiful light shade of blue this winter- I'm usually not one to be matchy-matchy but this Kate Spade cross body (picture below) matches so perfectly with my skirt that I couldn't resist. There may or may not be a matching wallet inside the bag (there totally is) (the Kate Spade surprise sale did terrible things to my bank account).

I wore my comfy black booties- although they're not so comfy anymore now that I've run around the city in them for a semester- mostly because they're literally the only weather-appropriate shoes I have right now but also because they add a fun cowgirl-like flair to the outfit, as my lovely roommate Beatrice so aptly put it. The skirt says hello! I am fun and girly! I am a princess! And the boots balance this out, chiming in hello! I can ride a horse! And I can kick your ass if I have to!

(Disclaimer: this dialogue may all just be in my imagination)

I'm seriously obsessed with this statement necklace though, you can never go wrong with gold and pearls in my world. I picked this gorgeous piece up at a Trend Tribe trunk show last week that my sorority hosted. I was lucky enough to meet the founder and CEO Samantha Cooper, she was so lovely and inspiring- check out Trend Tribe here to check out Samantha's story, there's a lot of awesome opportunities for college students! And beautiful jewelry, obviously.

I always love wearing this outfit so so much, I feel absolutely like Cinderella and it makes me really happy. It's silly but I love feeling like a princess- some dreams never die, my friends.

I actually wore this to Kappa's annual Holiday Party this past weekend and got to twirl around like a ballerina the entire time. This was made even better by the fact that my roommate Beatrice and I were essentially in matching outfits- we're super adorable, I know. She's an actual princess angel and I'm going to miss her like crazy next semester when I'm abroad. We sing One Direction songs at 3 am (well she sings and I attempt to sing) and watch Titanic together and cry and a million other wonderful little things. LOVE YOU BEATRICE!!

Hope everyone's surviving finals / getting PUMPED for the holidays!! Winter break is coming. We're almost done. I HAVE ONE MORE PORTFOLIO AND ONE LAST EXAM AND THEN I'M FREE. #bless

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