Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brunching: bluestone lane collective cafe

Australian cafes are taking NYC by storm and I for one am not complaining. Aside from the staff's adorable accents, the food is 10000% on fleek. Amazing. Of these many Aussie cafes, Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe is definitely my top choice, every time. I've had the best avocado toast of my life here.

I always start with a flat white, which is perfectly velvety and yummy. The pretty foam art never hurts either. It took all of my willpower to not drink the entire cup as soon as the waitress brought it over- gotta save it for the food pic!

While Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe's menu has a variety of delicious sounding brunch entrees, I always order the avocado toast because they really pile on the avocado here. The avocado to bread ratio is INSANE.

I like to add poached eggs to my avocado toast, even though it costs extra. It melds perfectly with the feta cheese and lemon juice sprinkled over the avocado smash, it's the best avo toast I've had in the city honestly.

And no brunch is complete without a friend to share it with! I loved checking out Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe with my lovely friend and Kappa sister Michelle. Fun fact about Michelle: she's obsessed with Shrek. Absolutely adores it. #ShrekIsLove #ShrekIsLife, I'm pretty much going to be heartbroken next semester when I can't pop by her apartment every 5 seconds or bombard her with texts while sitting next to one another at the library. And God knows who I'm going to brunch with...

Hope everyone's been surviving midterms!

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  1. Omg Irene, first of all, the pics are spot on. But also, it looks so freaking delicious! I need to go here. Love the post :)