Tuesday, September 22, 2015

nyc eats: chobani soho

Did you know Chobani has a restaurant / cafe thing??? I didn't. It's in SoHo and AMAZING. I'm obsessed and sad to be too broke to go every day- not that that's ever stopped me...There's fresh toppings, yummy sandwiches, and refreshing drinks, all served on chic wooden boards. It's taking all my willpower to not run back for another glass bowl of Greek yogurt and a 16oz cold brew. Ugh.

Back to School Basics

School's started which means it's time to break out a new wardrobe. Hopefully, without breaking your bank account. My favorite basic clothing item is the T-shirt dress because it's so amazingly versatile. In today's post, I dress up my T-shirt dress with a black kimono and simple gold jewelry. Easy, breezy, basic.