Wednesday, August 5, 2015

True life: I live on a farm

Despite being from the suburbs of Central Jersey, an area filled with giant malls and townhouses, my grandmother has managed to turn our backyard into a gigantic garden reminiscent of a farm somewhere in Middle America. Anyway, despite the recent surprise of finding out I was being stalked by an ex's new girlfriend (what's up, babe?) I wanted to share some photos of my backyard with you guys. Cause true life, I live on a farm (sort of).

I've definitely inherited my grandmother's love of gardening and would absolutely love to cover my apartment balcony with blooming violets and Instagram-able succulents- if I wasn't moving to the Kappa penthouse at the end of August, I definitely would've already rang up a bill at Home Depot. Cool story, when my grandma lived in Korea, her family owned a whole bunch of land and my grandma would prepare meals for all the workers. Which explains why she cooks industrial amounts of food everyday, as well as how and why a medium-ish backyard in the surburbs became a makeshift farm. It's pretty cool having fresh vegetables come straight from our backyard into the kitchen- and it saves me a lot of money, heh. Definitely looking forward to going home later this weekend and spending time with my family, and hanging out in our lovely backyard of course.

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