Monday, August 24, 2015

NYC Eats: The Pavilion

My newest favorite restaurant in NYC is The Pavilion, located right in Union Square. It's an outdoor pavilion that's been converted into a restaurant and is known for its fresh entrees, largely made with the produce sold in the Union Square Market. I've come here twice now and both experiences have been very pleasant ones- The Pavilion is the perfect place to stop by and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the hustle and bustle of Union Square and sitting in a luxurious marble pavilion, surrounded by lush greenery and bright, colorful table settings.

The highlight of eating here is definitely the location. It's a very Gossip Girl-esque place to sip on a glass of white wine and chat while eating artfully arranged salads and juicy steaks. The marble columns and palm trees recreate what I imagine to be the relaxing vibes of Palm Beach or maybe even the Hamptons.The staff is friendly and extremely attentive, refilling your glass immediately and able to make recommendations about the many entrees offered here.

For refreshments, I definitely recommend trying the Pink Mint Lemonade- it's the only specialty that's nonalcoholic, but still very fresh and yummy. All of The Pavilion's frozen drinks look amazing, I have yet to try any though. Maybe next time, if my wallet allows it...

The Pavilion offers a bread basket to start, I didn't think there was anything remarkable about the bread served, The dipping sauce it comes with is pretty good though, it has a cream cheese base and despite its color, is not spicy at all.

For appetizers, we ordered half a dozen East Coast oysters, and then half a dozen of the West Coast ones as well. Personally, I liked the East Coast oysters more- they were fresher and tastier compared the saltier and slightly pungent West Coast oysters. The Pavilion has become my favorite place to swing by for oysters because of how fresh they are.

Although I didn't enjoy the West Coast oysters as much as their East Coast counterparts, they did come served on this cool elevated tray.

I love how all the dishes here come out perfectly arranged- it's any foodie's dream come true. Gotta do it for the Insta.

I can't believe school starts next week! It's funny how summer always feels like it'll last forever and then BAM! Ah, I'm looking forward to this year though. I think it's going to be a good one.

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