Wednesday, August 5, 2015

(Brooklyn) Brunching: Sotto Voce

Like most NYUers, I think of Brooklyn as a distant land somewhere in the far corner of New York too far to be relevant to me. I know Brooklyn's a cool place, I've ended up at a few warehouse / art parties throughout my 2 years here but for the most part, Brooklyn isn't somewhere I intentionally set out to go. This has changed, however, since my friend Matt introduced me to an amazing bottomless brunch in, of all places, Brooklyn. Up until now my brunching adventures have been limited to SoHo/Union Square and even a few spots in good old Jersey. This was before I tasted the affordable amazingness that is Sotto Voce- at $18.95 for a hearty weekend brunch at an authentic Italian restaurant that includes an entree, bread, pound cake, and bottomless mimosas or bloody marys (if you're 21, of course), brunch in this Brooklyn eatery is a steal.

Not gonna lie, I got a little lost after I got off the subway. Okay, a lot lost. HOWEVER I surely and eventually found my way to the corner of 4th street and 7th ave where Matt was already waiting (honestly only because he's been living in Brooklyn all summer) (he had an unfair advantage). We were both starving and I cannot even describe the happiness I felt when I realized that brunch was going to cost me less than $20. Check out the menu here!

I ordered the Uova Benedict (Eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon & Hollandaise Sauce on an English Muffin) and after much deliberation, Matt decided to go with the Italian Toast (Cinnamon Dipped Challah, French Toast Style with Fresh Fruit). The waiter immediately brought us a fresh basket of bread and pound cake after we placed our orders, which we ferociously stuffed our faces with. Our food came quickly after and I absolutely love when my Eggs Benedict comes with potato latkes- the only other place I know that does this is Jack's Wife Freda and their portions are way smaller and not as tasty nowadays.

I stuck to orange juice but Matt definitely had a great time with the endless mimosas coming his way. The servers refill your glass immediately, as soon as your glass is even a quarter empty they rush over with a glass carafe filled with a lovely mix of OJ and champagne. Definitely a great brunch to get your buzz on.

Matt and I ended up indulging in dessert because well, we were already 3000 calories in and might as well go out strong. We treated ourselves to gelato, I can't remember which flavors exactly but I do remember that it was delicious.

Overall, we had an amazing brunch at Sotto Voce, even though it took a journey through Brooklyn. But honestly, will I ever stop getting lost? Probably not.

And while walking back to the subway, we found a cow. So of course we took it a picture with it. It was a pretty great day- a big thank you to Matt for putting up with me 24/7 and being the best person in general. Love you!!

Until next time, my lovely readers!
To be honest, next time is probably going to be when I get off work today at 1. Definitely need some Eggs Benedict in my life.

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