Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back in Black

It's another beautiful day in NYC and the perfect time to go exploring with friends. My favorite little hurricane of a person (Daniella) (who just turned twenty!!) (Ah!!!) set off on a short adventure in Brooklyn. We wanted to check out the glass house / carousel that's been popping up on our Instagram feeds (no shame) and although it took us awhile, we ended up having a great time. Today's adventuring ensemble kept things simple with a black shift dress from Brandy Melville paired with eye-catching heels and a gold pendant from H&M.

I've been leaning towards simpler looks this summer, mostly because it's freaking hot in the city and I'm not a fan of being weighed down by sweat stained jewelry but also because I likes the classiness it creates. And since this is New York, I couldn't resist going back to black (see what I did there??) and am in love with how perfectly my heels (Forever 21) (great deal) go with my Brandy Melville dress. Brandy Melville seriously has the best basics, I'm definitely going to be swinging by for a small shopping spree before school starts.

I've got my favorite white Givenchy tote, which sets off my nude nails quite nicely if I do say so myself. I swear the polish is actually a nude/brown pearl color but it looks almost lavender here. I stocked up on some new gold rings from American Eagle (they have super cute sets out right now) because I'm always losing my rings when I wear them.

I'm also so excited to introduce a new product to you guys! Here I'm wearing one of Winky Lux's lipglosses ('Two Scoops' is the shade) and I'm so happy to have found a replacement for the Victoria's Secret lip stain I've been using since high school. Winky Lux's glosses are paraben free and cruelty free, which I love love love. Almost as much as how much I love how long they last. I'm going to be doing a 'Back to School Beauty Essentials' post soon so definitely keep an eye out for that! I'll be sharing my favorite shades of Winky Lux lip glosses.

Aaaand here's a close up of my shoes because I love them so much even though they're terrible quality and totally cut the backs of my legs up. Speaking of shoes, I need to go get another pair of 'sensible sandals'- there was an unfortunate accident with my friend stepping on the back of my current ones and the strap snapped off. To be honest, they probably wouldn't have lasted much longer in the city but I will miss them for sure.

I couldn't possibly end this post without including a shot from the beautiful installation at Brooklyn Bridge Park & Carousel created by Tom Fruin in 2010. I definitely recommend checking it out, there's also a beautiful carousel (forgot to take a picture, sorry!!) that only costs $2 to ride. I'm sad that summer's starting to come to an end but I'm glad I've got to see so many cool things and eat so many beautiful brunches. 

Hope everyone's having a lovely day!

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