Monday, August 24, 2015

NYC Eats: The Pavilion

My newest favorite restaurant in NYC is The Pavilion, located right in Union Square. It's an outdoor pavilion that's been converted into a restaurant and is known for its fresh entrees, largely made with the produce sold in the Union Square Market. I've come here twice now and both experiences have been very pleasant ones- The Pavilion is the perfect place to stop by and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the hustle and bustle of Union Square and sitting in a luxurious marble pavilion, surrounded by lush greenery and bright, colorful table settings.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back in Black

It's another beautiful day in NYC and the perfect time to go exploring with friends. My favorite little hurricane of a person (Daniella) (who just turned twenty!!) (Ah!!!) set off on a short adventure in Brooklyn. We wanted to check out the glass house / carousel that's been popping up on our Instagram feeds (no shame) and although it took us awhile, we ended up having a great time. Today's adventuring ensemble kept things simple with a black shift dress from Brandy Melville paired with eye-catching heels and a gold pendant from H&M.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

True life: I live on a farm

Despite being from the suburbs of Central Jersey, an area filled with giant malls and townhouses, my grandmother has managed to turn our backyard into a gigantic garden reminiscent of a farm somewhere in Middle America. Anyway, despite the recent surprise of finding out I was being stalked by an ex's new girlfriend (what's up, babe?) I wanted to share some photos of my backyard with you guys. Cause true life, I live on a farm (sort of).

I've definitely inherited my grandmother's love of gardening and would absolutely love to cover my apartment balcony with blooming violets and Instagram-able succulents- if I wasn't moving to the Kappa penthouse at the end of August, I definitely would've already rang up a bill at Home Depot. Cool story, when my grandma lived in Korea, her family owned a whole bunch of land and my grandma would prepare meals for all the workers. Which explains why she cooks industrial amounts of food everyday, as well as how and why a medium-ish backyard in the surburbs became a makeshift farm. It's pretty cool having fresh vegetables come straight from our backyard into the kitchen- and it saves me a lot of money, heh. Definitely looking forward to going home later this weekend and spending time with my family, and hanging out in our lovely backyard of course.

(Brooklyn) Brunching: Sotto Voce

Like most NYUers, I think of Brooklyn as a distant land somewhere in the far corner of New York too far to be relevant to me. I know Brooklyn's a cool place, I've ended up at a few warehouse / art parties throughout my 2 years here but for the most part, Brooklyn isn't somewhere I intentionally set out to go. This has changed, however, since my friend Matt introduced me to an amazing bottomless brunch in, of all places, Brooklyn. Up until now my brunching adventures have been limited to SoHo/Union Square and even a few spots in good old Jersey. This was before I tasted the affordable amazingness that is Sotto Voce- at $18.95 for a hearty weekend brunch at an authentic Italian restaurant that includes an entree, bread, pound cake, and bottomless mimosas or bloody marys (if you're 21, of course), brunch in this Brooklyn eatery is a steal.