Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summery Stripes

If I'm being honest, my favorite type of clothes is the kind I can fall asleep in and run to work/class/the train station the next morning in. Which is why this summer, I've fallen completely in love with T-shirt dresses- oversized enough to hide that stubborn roll of belly fat that just won't go away, comfortable enough to wear while adventuring, and flattering enough to become a dependable part of your wardrobe, T-shirt dresses are a valuable necessity for any fashionista.

(American Eagle T-shirt dress, Ray Ban aviators, Steve Madden bag, DV platforms)

I picked up this unbelievably soft dress from American Eagle (currently on sale!) and have basically worn it every other day. The great thing about T-shirt dresses is that you can accessorize them to create a more formal look for work and not lose out on the comfort the loose cut and oh-so-soft fabric provides. Here, I paired my navy and white striped dress with a cream and crystal statement necklace to add a little bit of bling without taking away from the simplicity of my overall look. I added a black leather watch with gold detailing to keep things a tad professional (you never know who you'll run into) and remembered to paint my nails. My goal is to become the type of person who always has their nails nicely painted, it really does give off a much more 'put together' vibe. And I'm trying to be more put together *fingers crossed as I jump into my junior year at NYU & still have no idea what I'm doing* *AAAAAAHHHH*

I also recently purchased a lovely pair of oversized Ray Ban aviators! Finally, a pair that fits my slightly oversized cranium. I've always stuck to cheap sunglasses from Forever 21 but I realized now that I'm in my twenties *flinch* *cue my left eye twitching*, it might be time to invest in a real pair of high quality sunnies. And surprisingly, it's been worth every penny. These Ray Bands are ten times more comfortable than any flimsy pair I picked off the racks at Forever and just feel supremely better. 

I also dug out an old Steven Madden bag from the deep caverns of my closet, which just happened to match my new pair of Dolce Vita platform sandals. Nice.

I really love the open back on this T-shirt dress- it changes things up a bit and is perfect for the steamy summer days that have been taking over NYC. 

I just realized that since my toenails are painted red, this outfit is lowkey patriotic thanks to my blue & white dress. #RedWhite&Blue #Merica #freedom ~ anyway, I ordered these super cute leather platform sandals from Nordstrom Rack (the greatest place ever) and haven't taken them off since. They're actually really comfortable and provide a much needed dose of style to any outfit.

Hope everyone's getting a nice tan on and eating some fresh watermelon- that's my plan for the rest of today! I'll be heading back to the Hudson River Park where these photos were taken and relaxing with my lovely big.

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