Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brunching: The Egg Shop

Located inside the fashionable heart of Soho, The Egg Shop is a hidden treasure for brunch fanatics everywhere. I've been meaning to try this lovely little spot since earlier this spring but have been putting it off because dieting/broke/lazy/it gets really hot in NYC in the summer and I don't want to leave my air conditioned apartment. But finally I got my butt onto the subway and into a cozy corner table at The Egg Shop with a good friend before he heads back to California in August. And it was amazing x10000000, ugh I can still taste the eggs Benedict...The Egg Shop is officially my new favorite brunch spot and I have every intention of going again- lucky for me, it's super super close to where I'll be living during the school year aka I can totally stop by everyday before class, heh.

First things first, The Egg Shop is tiny. Most restaurants in NYC are pretty small, but the Egg Shop is legitimately half the size of my apartment. During the week The Egg Shop is always packed so expect about a 15 minute wait (which really isn't that bad). On a Saturday or Sunday though, get here early (like 10am) (which is an ungodly hour on the weekend) (also who even brunches that early) (but I digress) or risk waiting 2 hours and never getting seated in time for brunch. 

Despite being impossibly tiny, The Egg Shop is light and airy inside, making the most of the little space they have. Like most stylish bruncheries, The Egg Shop is all white walls and pale wood- the perfect backdrop for the Instagram post you came here to get. 

The Egg shop has adorable egg-themed decor, including egg shaped salt and pepper shakers and a hot sauce bottle labeled "That's hot!" (I wonder if they gave Paris Hilton any credit).

Aside from an amazing array of mouth watering egg-centric brunch entrees, The Egg Shop is also (apparently) famous for their Bloody Marys. I say apparently because I had a sip (just to taste!) of my friend's Bloody Mary (he's 21, obvi) and it was awful. Like drinking cold, salty tomato soup with an aftertaste of vodka. Blech. The Bloody Mary here comes with a 'bacon salt rim' which sounded yummy but just tasted like extra salt. Blech x2. 

Aside from the Bloody Mary fiasco, our brunch experience here was heavenly. And totally instagram worthy- btw, I've started a food instagram: @ireneatery :) Follow me for more pictures of my eating adventures. Anyway, back to The Egg Shop: amazing food, perfect presentation. They give you water infused with lemon and mint (I think??)  (it's some kind of green leaf) (to be honest you don't taste it but it looks pretty). The entrees are split between sandwiches and 'cruisers', which come in a bowl.

My friend ordered the Avo & Egg sandwich (avocado smash on multigrain toast with heirloom tomato, sea salt, & a poached egg) and after devouring it, declared himself to be "avaocado-ed out".

I'm always a sucker for Eggs Benedict so I got the Benedict cruiser: poached eggs, black forest bacon, english muffin croutons and lemon citronette. It was so, so, so freakin' good. The english muffin croutons were crunchy and soft at the same time while perfectly coated with a delicious lemon citronette that tasted both fresh and savory. The poached eggs were fluffy and smooth, and the black forest bacon added a perfect punch of bacon-y goodness. I really like the 'cruiser' concept because the process of eating eggs Benedict, or most brunch entrees actually, gets rather messy. With the bowl, it's super easy to enjoy your food without struggling to get it off a flat plate. It actually reminds me of bibimbap, a traditional Korean meal that is essentially a whole bunch of yummy side dishes in a big bowl of rice. You mix in a freshly fried sunny-side-up egg and add red pepper paste to taste. It's delicious and easy to eat- everything should just come in a bowl from now on.

At the end of brunch, we were both stuffed. I really like the portion sizes at The Egg Shop- it fills you up enough to be satisfying without being painful. The check comes attached to a cute little postcard (picture below) and signals the end of a beautiful meal. I can't wait to go back.

Hope everyone's surviving this heat wave!

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