Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brooklyn Beauty

I don't like to sweat, so when the city's steamy I like to hide out in my apartment and watch Netflix from the safety of my very comfy bed. Most weekends I head home to Jersey to escape the unbearable heat trapped between the skyscrapers of Manhattan and float around in my pool while eating the crazy good burgers my sister makes. This past weekend though, I delayed my journey through the terrible tourist trap better known as Times Square and visited the Brooklyn Bridge with some great friends. It was surprisingly lovely out and I loved being able to break out my trusty black kimono again. Exploring the city on my own is always fun but exploring it with close friends is an adventure. I put together an all neutrals look that could transition flawlessly from climbing the Brooklyn Bridge to having a nice dinner with colleagues shortly afterward.

(H&M kimono, AE lace tank top, F21 skirt, IMPO sandals)

It's the summer so everyone's flocking towards bright colors and peppy floral prints, both of which I love. However, an easy way to stand out this summer is to wear an outfit exclusively consisting of neutrals. It's pretty easy since neutrals rarely clash with each other. Here I paired a lace embroidered American Eagle tank top with a cream A line skirt from Forever 21. The contrasting textures as well as the contrasting patterns of the lace top and printed skirt create a more put together and subtly elaborate look. I also added a light mint statement necklace to pull the designs together- mint jewelry is great investment since it's so versatile and perfect for every season.

Thankfully it wasn't boiling hot, so I was able to wear my kimono. I love the way the solid black adds a new layer to my look without taking away from the lace embroidery of my top or the printed design on my skirt. Black makes everything better. The kimono also helps hide my not so toned arms, always a plus. (It's all those brunches) (No amount of Pilates can undo the damage of a weekend at The Egg Shop) (#SorryNotSorry).

Thank you to Noor for taking these pictures and being a flawless person in general. And sorry to my mom, who told me to stop sitting on bridges because it's dangerous and illegal (I haven't been arrested yet sooooooo.....) jk jk, I will stop. Maybe.

Hope everyone is making the most of their summer! There's only a month left!! Ah!!!!!!!

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