Sunday, June 28, 2015

La Buena Vida

I've gotta say, the food in Cancun was amazing. I may or may not have planned on losing weight during my week-long beach excursion, but that hypothetical plan most definitely shattered to pieces once I caught sight of the bountiful resort buffet. Mexican food has always been my favorite- I will literally mix pico de gallo with sour cream and devour it like it's a freshly opened container of Greek yogurt. And don't get me started on roasted corn with cilantro, mmmmph. Needless to say, Mexico treated me very well this past week.

Now I'm back home in Jersey relaxing on the deck outside, waiting for my pool's renovation to be completed so I can float around like the lazy mermaid I am. I'll be heading back to my NYC apartment tomorrow night, but for now I'm going to sit back, enjoy my mom's fantastic cooking, and even catch up with a few close friends.

Life is pretty good.

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