Friday, June 26, 2015

Lost in Cancun

Okay, okay- I know I've been slacking off with posting on here. I just kept pushing off each week's post to the next week, and the next...and then I was in Mexico. Beautiful, amazing Cancun. Azure stretches of roaring waves reaching to kiss white sand shores, tall palm trees heavy with ripe coconuts. My week in Cancun was like disappearing from the world and into a secret paradise. For those of you who have read Eat Pray Love, this was the 'Pray' part of my life? Life journey? Something.

I remember last summer my best friend Daniella first read Elizabeth Gilbert's novel and freaked out, demanding that I read it immediately because the narrator was just like me. After scoffing and rolling my eyes, I started reading Eat Pray Love and was startled by how alike I am with Elizabeth, the author. When reading a book, I think we always search for pieces of ourselves in the characters but with Eat Pray Love, it was as if all of my innermost thoughts and secrets and feelings had been stripped from my mind and laid out on paper. I won't spoil the book, because I definitely recommend reading it but basically the author splits the novel into three sections: Eat, which covers her time in Italy spent indulging herself, Pray, which is about Elizabeth's experiences in India and generally about healing, and Love, which is about well, love. I did the 'Eat' part this past year in New York- I don't think there's a brunch place in the city I've left untouched.

And I've never been on to leave something unfinished, so during the plane ride to Mexico earlier this week, I resolved to actually make a change in my life. I haven't been doing much, if I'm honest. I've just been existing, clutching onto the past as a life raft and avoiding even dipping my toes into the future. So I lived out my version of 'Pray',  coming to terms with what's done and also uncovering what I want for myself from now on. I think I'm finally building a life for myself.

 All's well that ends well.  And now I know what I want.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun!

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