Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cronut Cravings

This post is embarrassingly overdue but I've been lazy. About two weeks ago, I woke up at the crack of dawn with my good friend Matt to get cronuts at Dominique Ansel. Totally worth it. May's flavor was Sweet Clementine Ricotta and I've gotta say, it was absolutely exquisite.

Matt and I got two cronuts each (the maximum customers are allowed to purchase) as well as iced coffees so that we could continue our day being well caffeinated. I really love the cute yellow boxes the cronuts come in. Although, the box design does nothing to keep the cronuts from getting smushed or the frosting smearing. Cronuts are delicate and deserve to be protected more. 

Honestly, the only word to describe the frosting on May's cronuts is divine. So creamy, so sweet. I want another *cries in bed for two days* - I hate how each cronut flavor is only available for a month, but it's genius marketing. Four for you Dominique Ansel, you go Dominique Ansel.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the ricotta filling inside of the cronut. I thought a cheese based filling would be strange but it was still sweet and worked well with the clementine flavoring. I definitely enjoyed the Sweet Clementine Ricotta cronut but honestly, Dominique Ansel's cronuts have never disappointed and I doubt they ever will. The man is brilliant with desserts.

Here's a picture of Matt looking super cool~ it's funny, during high school Matt and I first met on Tumblr (yay internet friends!) because we both really liked Doctor Who. We later found out that we have a mutual friend in real life, and then we also both ended up going to NYU. Matt's in Stern (so serious, much business) and has travelled to more countries than anyone else I know. He was in London this past year and is going to Shanghai next semester WHICH IS TRAGIC because I'll be heading to London in the spring. We're basically destined to never be in the same country. Except for this summer, which we will spend brunching and dessert-ing. When we first talked on Tumblr, we joked that we should get married so that we'd get more financial aid from the government cause ya know, NYU is hella expensive. Although that plan never came to fruition, we do intend to get married at some point because our kids would be adorable and better than everyone else's. 

Note: Matt has requested that I include his Instagram here: @mwilson229 - follow him for cool pictures from around the world! Seriously, nobody travels more than Matt and his instas are all very on point. 

Keep a look out for another cronut post, coming soon. June's flavor is Key Lime and Young Coconut and there's no pie flavor I love more than Key Lime.

Hope y'all are enjoying summer so far!



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