Thursday, June 4, 2015


I'm a proud East Coast gal. However, I will always appreciate the effortlessly chic and cool style of the West Coast. Flowing hemlines, bright prints- Cali girls know how to channel the stylishly relaxed vibes of sunny beach days and the high buzz energy of summertime. And so today, I present my take on 'Cali Girl Cool'.

(Forever 21 dress, H&M hat, Forever 21 bag, BCBG booties)

Forever 21 is pretty notorious for being one of the most annoying places to shop- there's a million things scattered everywhere, nothing is where it's supposed to be, and overall there's just too much...stuff. However, with strength and determination (usually fueled by a caramel macchiato from Starbucks), you can find some real gems for great prices. I love this new long sleeved dress from Forever 21- the pattern is very summery with the purple and white roses intertwining with tiny pink paisleys, and the black background really makes a statement. 

I wore this summery dress with a black hat (H&M) and black booties because well, we're still in New York where you just get accustomed to always wearing black. As the ancient NYC proverb goes, "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color".

My favorite Kate Spade statement necklace makes a reappearance here- the white stones compliment the bursts of white shades on my dress, tying the look together. I'm actually happy the weather's been a bit cooler lately because I got to wear this lovely piece- just look at the tiny dots of sky blue scattered around the fabric and tell me the colors on this dress don't feel absolutely refreshing. It's funny, because I used to be the type of person who hated any kind of print or pattern, I always thought it looked cheap or silly. But patterns, especially floral ones, really pop and help you make a creative statement with your outfit.

Surprise! I got a new bag. I've been meaning to get one smaller than the oversized Longchamp I currently lug around and found the perfect crossbody at Forever 21 for just $15. As fond as I am of the beautiful handbags from higher end brands like Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren, I know better than to trust myself with an expensive purse. I throw my bags on the ground, I drop them in dirt, I stuff sugar packets and trash and just a whole lotta junk, inevitably making them unusable after a few months. I love the denim fabric of this crossbody and the white letters printed across the front- they all spell out cities I want to travel to! And the light brown leather straps just work so well with blue and white of the bag, it's perfectly summery and also holds a lot more than you'd expect. 

My booties are pretty beat up at this point, I think they're going to survive one more winter and then I'll have to say goodbye. I've needed new shoes for awhile, considering it's summer and all of my sandals are broken, but living in New York makes it difficult to commit to buying shoes because you know they're only going to last so long. Hopefully I'll make myself decide on a simple pair of comfy sandals sometime soon.

Here's a gratuitous shot of my dusty hat, purchased last summer at H&M. I actually really hate wearing hats, I think having anything on my head just makes me uncomfortable which sucks because I love the way they look and I keep buying them anyway, so I'm gonna have to learn to like wearing them!

I honestly had a lot of fun shooting this look, I'm definitely going to keep trying out bolder styles and playing around with colors and accessories. I actually did feel different, walking around in this outfit. What you wear really does affect the way you carry yourself and how you feel, and this look made me feel pretty cool. 

My best friend Lia took these pictures (thank you bae) before we headed off into Chelsea Market for some yummy tacos and then to the Brooklyn Bridge, so expect new photos to be posted soon.

I hope you guys try something new this summer too!



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