Sunday, May 24, 2015

The NYC Trophy Wife

They say you should dress for the job you want so I spent the day dressed as a NYC trophy wife! Haha, okay not really but I think the title suits this outfit post. It was feeling more like spring than summer earlier this week and so I dusted off my trench coat and strutted around with my very best accessories. Here's how to dress as one of the pampered and stylish ladies of the Upper East Side- full disclosure: I'm living out my Gossip Girl dreams in this outfit post.

(Michael Kors trenchcoat, H&M dress, Louis Vuitton speedy bag, Anne Klein heels)

I've always considered the key to looking rich is to be wearing simple, classic designs. Here I've paired a navy polka-dot sundress from the elite racks of H&M with a streamlined Michael Kors trench coat. I kept the color palette for this ensemble minimal, relying on neutrals to compose an altogether luxurious look.

And of course, no lady is complete without her pearls- faux pearls, in my case. This lovely statement necklace has been my staple through high school straight into college. I've purchased this necklace from Francesca's Collection at least three times because of wear and tear (okay, it's mostly due to the inevitable recklessness my jewelry suffers from) (I have no regrets) (yet).

A breezy sundress and comfy trench coat is the perfect outfit to go adventuring around the Upper East Side, especially if you're taking pictures in front of unsuspecting people's brownstone, heh. A large Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is the final icing on the cake- I love this version of the Speedy because the white and light gray combination is perfectly summery.

I continued keeping things neutral with my shoes, wearing nude heels that I may or may not have regretted walking around NYC in (it happens).


Full disclosure: these pictures were actually taken in Greenwich Village, not the Upper East Side. I probably would have been chased away by fancy doormen if I were having my little photo shoot in the UES. Some of the streets by Washington Square Park have the prettiest brownstones with breathtaking greenery and landscaping. You'd be surprised what people can do with just a few windowsills and flowers. If you're ever looking for a low key activity to do outside, walking around while listening to music is always my favorite thing to do. Cheerleader by OMI is the my current favorite song that I have on repeat 24/7- it just makes me want to dance around and smile. Such a good song.

I'm typing all this as I sit at the Carlyle Court resource center desk, AKA where I'll be spending most of my time this summer. Working here has been pretty great, my coworkers are all awesome people who I'm happy to be working with. 

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun today- from what I can see from my desk, it looks beautiful. I'm also very very hungry right now and trying to decide between a nice healthy salad or heading to happy hour at a Mexican restaurant. Decisions, decisions...
My meal plan doesn't start until later this week so I've been eating out every day at some pretty cool places. Many new blog posts about NYC restaurants will be coming soon!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



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