Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summertime Sass

Hello, somehow spring has jumpstarted into summer and we now have 90 degree days- like whaat?!

I'm semi-officially done with school! I've just got one last paper to crank out today and then I AM A FREE WOMAN. YES. I just really love the summer, I mean most people do but there's just something so freeing even in just how the air feels. I wrote awhile ago about how weird it is that spring always feels the same, how the air smells the same and carries old memories, and the thing is, the summer smells the same way every year too. Hot steam, sunblock, coconuts, clean...I don't even know how to describe it. The point I'm trying to make though, is that despite how summer always smells the same to me, it feels different. It feels new. And that makes me really happy.

I think most of us spend the summer in bathing suits and comfy T-shirts, but here's a simple but classy look perfect for when you do want to dress up a little this summer:

(F21 lace crop top, H&M skirt, FC necklace, BCBG booties)

It's been HOT so I've been aiming to keep my outfits simple and comfortable. This look is literally just a white top with a black skirt, a classic combination used for most uniforms and yaddyadda~ I wore a white lace crop top from Forever 21 (perfect for cheap summer finds) with a lengthy black skirt from H&M. The material of the skirt is actually rather thick but I've found that the voluminous cut keeps things cool and so I was pretty comfortable in it. A loose crop top is perfect with a skirt like this because you don't feel so restricted at the waist, and summer looks are all about being able to move freely.

I added a crystal statement necklace to jazz up my otherwise straightforward outfit, although I do prefer to avoid big jewelry pieces in the summer just because heat means sweat and sweat means accessories get gross. 
(sorry my hair's covering half the necklace) (this was taken as a selfie) (#Jelfie = jewelry selfie???)

I also wore my Anne Klein watch with a few simple gold rings to help liven up this outfit.

Aaaand despite how much I love these BCBG booties, they hurt like hell. So I took them off. I stand by the belief that the best shoes for the summer are no shoes. BARE FEET FOR EVERYONE!!! Okay, probably not the greatest idea when you're living in New York. But you get my point.

Ahhh, I can't believe my sophomore year at NYU is over- it's so scary how fast time seems to pass. I'm really excited for this summer though. I probably should've announced this earlier, but I'll be staying in New York this summer working as a Summer Assistant in my dorm (basically being an RA)! I'm obviously going to be taking the train back home to Jersey as much as possible so that I can lounge around in my lovely pool and also spend time with family and friends, so I won't be completely MIA but things are definitely going to be different this summer. I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Hope you're all enjoying this sunshine!



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