Friday, May 22, 2015


Hidden in the Lower East Side is Souvlaki GR, an incredible and authentic Greek restaurant worth checking out. I first tried Souvlaki with my sorority family and was immediately blown away by the cheap prices and delicious entrees.
If you're heading here from around the NYU area, take the 6 train to the Bleecker St. station, transfer to the F, and get off at the 2nd Ave stop. You take a short walk through the winding, eclectic streets of the Lower East Side and then at the corner of Stanton and Allen, you'll find Souvlaki GR. Nestled between two red-brick buildings, Soulvlaki GR looks like a small piece of Greece was cut out and carefully placed in NYC.

My best friend Daniella's been staying with me in the city for a few days, so you'll definitely be seeing her pop up in my upcoming posts. At Souvlaki GR, there's a really nice set up outside but we opted to sit indoors because it was getting a little chilly. The service is great here and the decor is simply amazing. It really feels like you've walked out of New York and straight into a restaurant in Mykonos or Santorini. 

Pictures really don't do this place justice. It's the kind of place that makes you thankful to be able to experience something so lovely.

For food, Daniella and I each ordered a chicken skewer ($3.50 each) as well as a platter of Greek fries ($7.00). Greek Fries are amazing. Order them. They're basically seasoned fries with feta cheese piled on top and it is unbelievably satisfying. The chicken skewers also come with pita bread and Tzatziki sauce (!!!) (love Tzatziki so much ugh) so it's a pretty filling meal, all just for roughly $15 between the both of us.

I definitely recommend checking out Souvlaki GR if you're ever craving Greek food and around the Lower East Side. The environment is adorable, service quick and friendly, and the food satisfying. Plus you get to take cute pictures outside of the restaurant when you're done.

Hope everyone's enjoying their summer and eating lots of good food!



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