Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hello everyone! I'm freaking out because:
  1. it's MAY- where did this year go?? how is my sophomore year of college coming to an end???
  3. FINALS ARE THIS WEEK (look at my previous post to see how I'm preparing for this crucial academic period)
In other news, however, it's been absolutely gorgeous outside. And I'm here to show you yet another style of kimono you can rock: the fancy pants kimono. Sure, I could just call it a sequined/embroidered kimono but where's the fun in that, ya know? Today was the last formal chapter (aka weekly meeting) for KKG this semester and so I was all dressed up in lace and gold.

(F21 kimono, H&M dress, Steve Madden Wedges)

This white sundress is actually from two years ago (holy crap) when I wore it to my high school graduation (holy crap that was two years ago) (I'M ANCIENT). My favorite detail on this dress is the sheer midriff- the bodice has a lace overlay and a white panel beneath that cuts off right at my waist, creating a classy peek-a-boo effect. I definitely recommend this style to anyone looking to show a little more skin but is hesitant about how to go about it.

I paired the H&M dress with an old kimono from Forever 21- it's a real nice light pink color and has a simple but eye-catching border of dark gold sequins and beading. I like this kimono because it's not afraid to make a subtle statement. I also wore two very simple gold bracelets because well, I went shopping and these may or may not have been part of the bounty that depleted my wallet earlier this weekend. Don't tell my mom.

I added a sparky statement necklace to this outfit to play up the glam factor and really tie this look together as a formal one. Jewelry definitely makes all the difference when you're trying to hit an exact dress code (formal, business casual, etc) and y'all know statement necklaces are my go-to accessory. This piece is from Francesca's Collection (of course) and I really like the wintery-ness of the crystal accents, I definitely feel like I'm wearing a sparkly string of snowflakes. It's a very Elsa kind of accessory.

To my relief, I finally located these sunglasses underneath a massive pile of clothes next to my bed. I'd been convinced that I'd (yet again) lost my favorite sunglasses. Since I'm going to be turning 20 I guess I should start being more responsible about things like this. Maybe.

Aaand I wore my trusty Steve Madden wedges because somedays I like to pretend to be tall and tower over everyone as I strut down the sidewalks of the East Village.

Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are?? They're all over New York and I have absolutely no idea what they're called. But they sure are pretty- I always debate trying to take a small bunch of branches home with me. However, I'm convinced that if I try to steal flowers, park security (yes, that's a thing) will tackle me to the ground and I'll be starring on Youtube/Vine as Girl Gets Attacked For Trying To Steal Flowers.

Well I'm going to (maybe) try to start studying for my finals now- good luck to anyone else who has finals in the upcoming weeks! We can get through this.



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