Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Becoming an Early Bird

I am awake and it is 6:46am. The last time I’ve been awake this early…was yesterday, because I was pulling an all nighter. I never wake up early. I mean, I’ve been (trying) to wake up for my 9:30am this semester but I feel like that doesn’t really count because 1) I was always dying in class and 2) I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep. I think I passed out at 8pm yesterday? Maybe even 7? Oh man, it might’ve even been 6pm. Wow.
I didn’t even do any work during that all nighter- Michelle and I were in the Kappa study room watching Shrek videos and rolling around on the floor. The filthy, disgusting floor…yeah, we don’t make the best life decisions. But you’d know that if you’re friends with either of us on Snapchat.
I had a great time though, and my last day of classes was spent in a lovely sleep deprived blur- being sleep deprived feels pretty close to being drunk, so I can’t complain. To be honest, in high school I loved running on 1-2 hours of sleep. Time goes by faster when you have no idea what’s going on, which is perfect when you’re trying to survive Calculus (PSA: I haven’t had to take a math class since high school. HAHAHAHA @ every math teacher I ever had)

I’m feeling strangely refreshed and content. My semester’s basically over, I just have a paper due Friday that I actually have ever intention of finishing today (WHO AM I ANYMORE???) (IS THIS WHAT GROWING UP FEELS LIKE??) (HELP I AM TWENTY AND EXPERIENCING PERSONAL GROWTH) which is insane because even just a month ago, I would’ve been waiting till Thursday night. Actually, scratch that. I would’ve been waiting till Friday morning, maybe afternoon depending on the deadline. I don’t even know the exact time it’s due, it doesn’t matter because I plan on being done with the paper today, maybe tomorrow at the latest. Hm. I think I may be growing up, after all.

I like how quiet the morning is, it’s just as serene as staying up until dawn but doesn’t feel as exhausting or lonely. Just quiet and peaceful. I got out of bed and after drinking a glass of water (wow, so healthy) I actually stretched. Like had a mini yoga session, and it felt great. I feel great.

Now I’m off to make a cheese omelette, work on my next outfit post, and head to the gym. Hmm, maybe I was always meant to be a morning person. When I was little, I would wake up my parents at exactly 6am everyday (God bless them for keeping me). That obviously went away once I started going to school and procrastination/insomnia kept me awake for nights on end, but now that I’ve somehow got my shit together and am a (semi) responsible adult, I think I can be that person again, the one so excited to start her day that she wakes up the world at 6am. I think that’d be real nice.

Hope everyone else is having a good morning too! Or at least getting a nice sleep in.



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