Monday, May 25, 2015


It's steamy out today. I avoided the worst of the heat by sleeping in until 2pm and not venturing outside until 4 when my stomach became too loud to ignore any longer. But right now, sitting in the courtyard of my building, I swear I can see the steam rising in slow tendrils from the concrete walkways. At the same time though, it's still really nice to sit outdoors and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my skin. It really feels like summer right now. According to Instagram, everyone's at the beach or at a pool party of some kind celebrating Memorial Day. Me? I'm drinking an admittedly overpriced 'skinny' smoothie from Liquiteria and rereading an old historical fiction novel about Nerfertari, a Queen of Egypt best remembered for being really, really loved by her husband. Home girl had an entire temple dedicated to her. Now that's #RelationshipGoals.

Side note: I was going through old photos last night- no, not because I'm sentimental (okay I am) but because my phone was 10000% out of storage and so photos needed to be deleted, and the most important discovery I made was that I am at least three shades lighter than I was at this exact time last year. How was I always so tan???? What am I doing wrong??? I swear, all I did last year was stay in bed and yet here I am now, frolicking around NYC and running by the Hudson, paler than ever. I feel like I'm slacking off now. Oh well, I'll be sure to lay out by my pool when I start visiting home on the weekends. This weekend I'll be heading off to the Hamptons for my great grand big's graduation party (congratulations, Emily!!!) so I'm looking forward to finding a big white hat to wear and maybe a floaty sundress wrap thing. And hopefully scarfing down burgers- I am trying to cut down on the eating this summer though. Gotta get that bikini bod back, ya know?

Speaking of bikinis, I also just ordered a cute new bikini from Aerie- I'm so excited to be going to Cancun the last week on June. I haven't gone on a vacation since.....two years ago? Yep two years. That's how long it's been since I went to Europe with high school friends after our graduation. Those were great times...lately I've just been feeling really thankful for how many incredible experiences I've been able to have. So this is my thank you to anyone who's been a part of those experiences. Thank you.

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