Sunday, April 12, 2015

Perfectly Pink

 As the days get warmer, my wardrobe gets brighter. And in the spring, pink is definitely a fun color to work with. It's pretty, it's happy, it's girly. Yesterday I put together a very light and simply look that's easy to wear as we finally leave winter behind.

(H&M scarf, Cotton On blouse, F21 skirt, H&M flats)

I used to hate wearing anything that was too 'matchy-matchy' but I've found that color blocking (the grown up version of 'matchy-matchy') is actually an efficient way to immediately look put together and make loud colors more accessible. So here I'm wearing a bright fuchsia statement necklace from Francesca's Collection with an equally bright scarf from H&M. These two accessories help liven up an otherwise very austere outfit.

Fact: Anytime you see a 'candid' photo like this one below, it's definitely fake and the process of taking the photo was most definitely awkward and unnatural. Or maybe I'm just bad at this. Eh.

I really like combining lace with plainer textures, and so here I wore a comfy white button up tucked into a pale pink skater skirt. I also appreciate the loose sleeves and how they add to the flow of the outfit.

My nails are painted a sheer gold which I love because it accentuates the gold accents on my jewelry and shoes. I've realized that nail polish is an equally important accessory to add to your arsenal- I used to let my nails get real ratchet until I realized that people really do notice the state of your nails and that having unkempt, relatively hideous fingertips was definitely not doing me any favors.

I'm also wearing my favorite watch from Urban Outfitters- the face shows a world map and it's a nice little adventurous piece to have. 

And I'm wearing black flats so that I'm not too pink and pastel-y, but also because they're comfortable and NYC is the one place that the comfort of your feet trumps style.

I've definitely been enjoying breaking out my spring wardrobe- the fabrics are thinner, colors brighter, and the hemlines shorter ;)

As someone who sweats embarrassingly easily, it's a nice change to not be bundled up in a coat and sweater, and instead be strolling around in clothing that breathes. I just had a creepy image of a cotton T-shirt breathing but you know that's not what I meant!! I hope.

Anyway, I hope everyone's enjoying the warmer weather and ignoring schoolwork because that's what I'm doing and WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

 (*cue the High School Musical soundtrack*) 
(best movie ever, am I right??)



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