Saturday, April 4, 2015

Light & Bright

It's been a dreary couple of weeks, so you can imagine my delight when I checked Instagram Thursday morning and saw a selfie captioned with "it's going to hit 64 today!" 64 degrees, 64 glorious degrees of sunshine and happiness. And it was indeed a beautiful day, one spent lounging in Washington Square Park with friends, feeling the sun on my face and watching New York come back to life after what has felt like the longest winter yet.

Although the weather has cooled down a bit since Thursday, it's still quite lovely out and I'm excited about no longer having to pull on a pair of tights or leggings with every outfit. My legs need to breathe!! So here's my first outfit post for spring, because it's time for a fresh start.

 (Forever 21 dress, DVF sunglasses, FC necklace)

To be honest this look is more summery than spring-y, but I strongly believe that nobody should be wearing long sleeves in the steamy bliss that is summertime, so this dress falls under the spring category. 

This particular dress is from Forever 21 and the main reason I love it is because of the flowy sleeves and hemline. Definitely has that whole angelic thing going on, and it's a lot of fun to wear. It's funny, I used to wear white so often but living in NY has definitely darkened my wardrobe, so walking around in this bright white dress felt like a huge change, when in reality it's what I used to wear all the time. A flowy piece like this is perfect for a more upscale day out, the kind of dress you wear to pretty cafes and museums, all while nonchalantly looking away in the distance. 

I paired this simple dress with an aqua statement necklace from Francesca's to add a pop of color to this look. For the longest time, my jewelry collection exclusively consisted of whites and creams with gold, but now I've been adding in more colors and it's an easy way to liven up any outfit.

A bright tone like aqua is also perfect for springtime (and to transition into summer!), complementing all of your neutral sundresses and tops. I also like how this statement necklace contrasts with the delicate lace neckline of this dress, it's a fresh pairing.

I wore low-heeled strappy sandals because yes they're super cute and work with this outfit, and also because they're one of the few shoes I have left that aren't falling apart. God, I really need to go shoe shopping.

A strappy pair of brown sandals is definitely a spring staple everyone should invest in because duh, they match with everything. Bonus points if you get a pair with some kind of detailing- I love the gold studs on this pair, they add that extra 'oomph' factor whenever I wear them aka it looks like I put in more effort than I actually did.

I had a lot of fun while wearing this outfit, it felt like a preview for better things to come, if that makes sense. Honestly, being able to skip around in floaty dresses and oversized sunglasses is one of my favorite things about the warmer weather, because it's just so freeing.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun this weekend, I'm currently typing this while sitting on the sun-warmed deck of my backyard in New Jersey and I've gotta say, I haven't experienced an afternoon this peaceful in awhile. Definitely looking forward to enjoying (another) glass of wine from the cellar and possibly hitting up Chipotle with my little sister later on.

Then again, Chipotle is a Danger Zone #1- 'Danger Zones' are places I've categorized as areas I'm most likely to run into someone from high school. It's not that running into people from high school is a terrible thing (although I'm sure many people would disagree), I actually enjoy running into old classmates and catching up, but I hate the process of getting ready just in case I run into someone. And putting on a decent outfit and makeup is a necessity when heading into a Danger Zone, because nobody wants to be labeled as the graduate who got fat/ugly/??? - it's shallow and superficial, I know, but hey, word travels fast in a small town like the one I'm from.

Plus, it's basically a rule of the universe that when you look bad, you absolutely will run into someone you don't want to. And considering the long, long list of people I'd rather not see again, I think I should take every precaution. 

Happy Easter & Passover!



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