Sunday, April 19, 2015

City Slicker

It was gloriously sunny yesterday and I took the opportunity to unpack the rest of my spring/summer clothes from the oversized storage container stashed beneath my bed. My clothes can all breathe again! 
For some reason, it's been absolutely blowing my mind that winter has ended. It's like I can no longer comprehend the passage of time, like I cannot even try to understand how another year has come and gone. Is this what old age feels like??? Oh god, I'm only 19 and I swear sometimes it feels like I'm a divorced middle-aged housewife reminiscing about the past, drinking a glass of white wine and staring out the window and swirling a pinky inside the glass as soulful music plays in the background. Lord help me when I turn 20 in May if this is how I'm feeling now.
Anyway, here's a fun spring look perfect for the upcoming weeks of sunny days and easy living.

(H&M kimono, H&M dress, FC necklace, Calvin Klein wedges)
Sheer kimonos are the best spring staple because they help you keep that balance of not being too cold or too hot- they're lighter than cardigans but still offer enough coverage to protect you from the occasionally chilly breezes of April. I've gotten all of mine at H&M and have been very happy with the quality. H&M's kimonos are durable- I've had this black one for over a year and it's still in perfect shape and I'm the type of person who throws clothes on the ground and on my bed and loses track of where they've gone until I need to wear them again (needless to say, I'm late to class a lot).

I've paired my handy dandy black kimono with a stretchy cotton sundress from H&M- the high neckline is flattering as it the slightly flaring hemline. And obviously the floral print is perfect for spring- I like the contrast of the white flowers over the navy, it's a nice change from the typical tropical prints of springtime sundresses.

It's funny, this is the first time I'm wearing this necklace despite having gotten it maybe 2 years ago. I kept feeling like I couldn't figure out anything to wear it with but I tried it on with this outfit and was surprised to find that it worked. If you ever have jewelry you feel conflicted about I would definitely recommend just throwing it on with what you're wearing and seeing how you feel about it. It's a quick and easy way to realize that the jewelry does in fact work with your outfit or to notice what it would look good with, how to adjust what you're wearing to finally wear the accessory. 

I like the way this necklace intertwines crystals with gold chains and pearls, it's definitely something different and eye-catching in a subtle way.

I borrowed this lovely white leather handbag from my friend Gabby- I think it's either from Poland or Italy so sadly I do not know where to direct you to go if you want this exact bag, but it's a pretty simple and popular style that can be found in most stores. White leather is perfect for the warmer months because it looks so fresh and really just gives off a simultaneously carefree and luxe vibe.

I like to wear less jewelry as the weather picks up to avoid feeling weighed down and also to prevent tarnishing my accessories from sweating (ugh, sweating- the one downside of springtime). Here I'm wearing a simple gold bangle (that may or may not be a Cartier love bracelet knock off from Chinatown...just sayin'), a pearl bracelet, and a single Alex & Ani bangle. I know it's the style to stack as many Alex & Ani bangles as possible but I really like how wearing just one or two looks. It's a clean and classy way to add a little sparkle to your outfit.

And of course, I've got my oversized circle sunglasses because it's too bright out to see without them. Oh man, remember when the skies were gray and the winds outside kept biting your face? Thank goodness for spring finally being here, seriously.

I'm off to Washington Square Park to do an interactive experiment for my group's final project for Science of Happiness. If you're in the city, come check it out! We'll be there from 2pm to maybe 4 or 5ish :)



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