Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cherry Blossoms & Kimonos

Disclaimer: I don't think these are actually cherry blossoms but I feel like they're pretty similar so I'm just going to go with it!! #ArtisticLicense 

Despite the chilly past few days we've had, it is indeed springtime. And with springtime comes allergies, the weirdly distinctive scent of overripe (aka dying) flowers, and floral prints! (Very groundbreaking, I know).

Here is something new to try out this spring as the weather continues warming up: print kimonos.

(H&M kimono, Brandy Melville tunic, GB watch)

A print kimono is a great way to liven up any basic outfit and add some extra color(s) to your look. This blue/white/turquoise kimono is from H&M and I paired it with a black dress from Brandy Melville to create a simple but fun ensemble. After this session, I promptly spilled white house paint all over my dress while helping paint my sorority's banner for Greek Week and so yeah...RIP my brand new Brandy dress,

I'm wearing a long pendant style necklace from Nordstrom. I love how the crystal accents intertwine through and with the glass panels of the pendant. The chain tassle is also an unique touch, and it's always great to wear an eye-catching necklace with plainer dresses- it really pulls the look together.

Disclaimer #2: my hair is not actually orange. I think.

It's cool that the floral design of this kimono is actually quite wintery- the flowers look very similar to snowflakes.

I'm wearing flats because I cut both my ankles the other day (damn those Sperries!!! so much for 'sensible' walking shoes...) and they're the only shoes that don't rub against the wounds. Sigh.

I have a slight obsession with watches because they're just such smart accessories. One day I might even use them to tell time. Probably not.

Here is an artsy shot of my sunglasses because the case's inner lining matches the flowers! Wow. Art.

If you look very closely you can even see the cuts on my ankles. Oy vey.

Hope everyone's enjoying the spring weather!
Rumor has it finals are coming soon.




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