Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Night To Remember

Last night I went to the Mets Game because my sorority was having Family Weekend and our events chair scored us amazing seats. My family couldn't make it (even though they're just back in Jersey- I SEE U MOM AND DAD, I SEE U) but I still had an amazing time with my sisters and their family members.

My favorite part was the surprise fireworks show at the end of the game (the Mets won, btw, if you care about that kind of thing). I've always loved fireworks more than anything else and it made me unbelievably happy to sit inside that massive stadium while and watch what felt like an endless amount of fireworks fly into the sky and light up all around me.

It made me think about how awhile ago, like a real long time ago, someone who loved me wanted to ask me to prom (yep, that's ages ago) and had every intention of ordering (illegal) fireworks and sending them up in the sky above our high school's football until I found out, ruining the surprise. And so it never happened, but it was a nice thing to remember last night. That someone loved me so much they found my favorite thing ever and wanted to light up an entire sky for me.
I think that a few months ago, something like this would've made me sad. But this time I just felt grateful and maybe even a little blessed to have a memory like that stored inside my head, and also so thankful to be making a new memory with some of the best people I've met at NYU at the same time.
I don't know, I guess this is growing up. When you can appreciate the past for what it is and how it build towards the life you live now.

I really, really love fireworks.

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