Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Treat Yo Self: Snowdays Shavery

I've been meaning to make a post about Snowdays Shavery for awhile now, but 1) I've been kind of lazy 2) my free trial of Photoshop ended and I couldn't figure out how to torrent it (because I'm poor and don't want to pay). However, I'm finally doing it now so yay! Snowdays has become my top go-to dessert place, and every person I take there never fails to love it.

So, how to explain what Snowdays Shavery is...well, there's this Korean dessert called patbingsu and it's basically shaved ice with sweet toppings on top. Snowdays has taken this traditional Korean dessert and changed it up, shaving ice cream instead of just ice and the result is a deliciously light treat.

Located on East 10th street in between 1st and 2nd Ave, Snowdays is close to the general NYU area aka it's easy to get to if you live in the East Village aka I have been coming here way too often. Ordering here for the first time can be a little daunting, so I'm going to try to break down the process for you.

First, you choose what size you want. The options are regular ($5), large ($6), and the Yeti ($8). I always stick to the regular, because it's actually a pretty generous serving and I don't think I could finish anything larger than it. A regular at Snowdays is like an XL at a regular fro-yo place. The large and Yeti are perfect for sharing with friends, if you're into that kind of thing.

Next, you choose the flavor of shaved ice cream you'd like. The options include Sweet Milk, NY Cheesecake, Roasted Black Sesame, Green Tea Matcha, Coconut (Vegan), and YetiTracks. I've only tried the Sweet Milk (it's like the ice cream version of condensed milk, I love it) and Green Tea Matcha. The YetiTracks flavor is Snowday's specialty, I can't remember what exactly goes into it but involves a lot of chocolate. My friend Rebecca ordered it recently and love it, and I know that it's a popular choice. Personally though, I stick to Sweet Milk and Green Tea because they go so well with all of the toppings.

Before the toppings though, you choose the 'drizzle' you want: condensed milk, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberry puree, whipped cream, or salted caramel. You get one free drizzle, and any more costs an extra 25 cents. I suggest getting the condensed milk drizzle because that's what usually accompanies patbingsu, and this is the same recommendation I've given to the friends I've taken here. 

But now to the toppings. They have the absolute best selection at Snowdays: Pocky sticks (strawberry and chocolate), Mochi, red bean, peanuts, M&M's, fruity pebbles, Nilla wafers, coconut shavings, almonds, walnuts, Cap'n Crunch, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, granola, oreos, and different kinds of fruit depending on the day. I don't really change up the toppings I order, I usually end up getting Pocky sticks, mochi, fruity pebbles, and then mango slices. Note: each topping costs 50 cents so choose carefully! Or go crazy, if ya got the funds to live like that.

I've found that everyone's reaction to coming here for the first time is exactly the same: they love it, and they also start planning which toppings to get the next time they come. So don't worry, you'll figure out the perfect combination easily.

 (My order)

(Rebecca's order) (She regretted the sprinkles) (but she's learned from her mistakes)

(Rebecca being a cutie)

"Did I have homework? Probably. Oh well." -most likely what I was thinking

Also, a quick tip: make sure to ask for the student discount (if you're a student)!!! I didn't realize there was a discount until my second trip here when Rebecca asked. It basically saves you a dollar aka it covers the cost of TWO TOPPINGS. Beautiful.

Snowdays also has one of those nifty punch hole cards where after 10 orders, you get 1 free cup. This was unknown to me until my 5th trip here (so much regret) (could've been 5 away from a free dessert) (instead I'm 9 away) (I suck)- so make sure you grab one (they're by the register) and get those stamps!

Honestly, this is an adorable dessert place that a lot of couples frequent (ew) and the decor is ridiculously cute: snowflake lights twinkle across the glass windows, the tables are spray painted with a silvery design, and the soundtrack consists of every song you ever loved. If I had someone to go on dates with, this is where I'd come. But until that day, I'll keep coming here with my perfect sorority sisters :)

If you end up trying this place, let me know how it goes!



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