Friday, March 20, 2015

Is it Spring Yet???

Happy first day of spring, everyone! It's snowing here in Jersey, so it doesn't feel much like spring but I still wanted to celebrate with a new outfit post. Springtime means bright colors, flowing fabrics, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: bare legs! Thank the lord, I hate leggings/tights/all forms of pants very, very much so this is a great season for me. At this point in my life, I've definitely built up somewhat of a reputation for never wearing pants anywhere, ever. Fun fact: during high school, I won the superlative "Most Likely to Never Wear Pants" - yeah, my parents were real proud of that.

I love spring fashion, but I know that dressing in the spring can get tricky, since it's basically both sunny and chilly most of the time. My essential go-to ensemble during March through May is to throw on a loose sundress and then a light jacket on top- my legs stay breezy, my torso is covered, and overall I feel put together but still very relaxed.

(MK trenchcoat, F21 dress, Zara flats, Converse bag)

I always have a lot of fun with accessories during the fall and winter, but once it hits springtime, I definitely start doing the whole 'less is more' thing. It basically comes down to the fact that when it starts becoming warmer outside, being weighed down in necklaces or scarves just isn't very appealing.

So for the spring, the simpler the better. Here I'm wearing my handy dandy MK trenchcoat- it's durable enough to keep me warm but light enough to avoid inducing sweat as I walk through sunlight. Underneath I have on one of my favorite sundresses from Forever 21. Forever 21 isn't the easiest place to find clothing (their inventory is basically the result of 200 clothing factories exploding into a single store) but I think F21 is one of the best places to snag a cute sundress for cheap.

My statement necklace is from Francesca's Collection (of course) and I really like this piece because of the color. Obviously florals for spring isn't exactly groundbreaking (cue the scene from Devil Wears Prada) but I think that the black stones stand out as something really different and I love that.

And of course, the best accessory you can carry this spring is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Sunflowers, peonies, pink roses...yeah I'm going to have a lot of fun during these upcoming months. I mean, I think that the best kind of flowers are the ones somebody else gives you but hey I gotta do what I gotta do (#SingleGirlProbs) (#SomebodyLoveMe).

To be honest, I've been feeling weird about spring approaching. Springtime always feels so familiar and I've realized that it's because spring has somehow managed to feel the same way every year. And it's nice, spring's nice. Flowers are bursting forth from the ground, trees are full and green again instead of being creepy and skeletal, people are laughing and enjoying the outdoors...spring's real nice. Everything seems so new and fresh, like the world's starting all over again. A second chance, if you will.

I guess the problem is that spring last year was a painful time for me and so instead of enjoying the warmer weather and scent of new beginnings, I'm just reminded of loss and getting swept away into the past. I remind myself to look at how far I've come since then and the amazing life I've built up for myself, but I don't know. It's been a little rough these days. I go on crazy adventures with friends and enjoy everything NYC has to offer, but I guess at the end of the day I know I'm still missing something.

I wonder if this will ever change. Last spring, I did what I had to do (albeit not in the best way I could have done it...) and it was the best decision for the people involved, but I think I'm always going to be a little sad that that was what had to happen. Ah, sorry for the digression. Back to the fashion.

I believe that these flats are from Zara. They're super comfy and I adore the gold detailing because 1) gold is the best color in the whole wide world and 2) it adds a luxe twist on a pair of otherwise plain black flats.

Well, I hope it gets warmer soon. But not too warm- the only thing worse than snow during spring is a heat wave (I hate sweating).

Spring break has kind of gone by in a blur for me. I came home to Jersey, hung out with my momma, and got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. It's funny, I was hoping to lose weight this week since I can't eat solid foods, but then I remembered the existence of gelato and brie cheese. To be honest, I'm probably putting on weight. YOLO.

This past week I've been hopped up on painkillers and killing time with a ridiculous amount of crafting- my learning curve as a sorority girl has gotten exponentially higher. 

On Wednesday however, I headed back to NYC for the Paper Towns movie trailer prescreening with John Green- it was awesome. The film looks like it's going to be amazing, and I'm thankful that I got to see two clips from Paper Towns so early in advance. And shout out to my bestfriend Lia for snagging a pic with John Green while I was arguing with security to get my phone back...some people have all the luck.

In other exciting news, I just finished watching Dance Moms on Netflix- when I was younger, I took ballet and tap classes and loved it but had to stop when my little sister Christine aka the Spawn of Satan decided she didn't want to dance anymore. My mom had this weird thing about wanting both Christine and I to do the same activity and so thanks to my sister I never got to have a spectacular career as a dancer...THANKS CHRISTINE. Also R.I.P. my figure skating career, painting career, gymnastics career...yeah, all of my childhood dreams died early deaths. Damnit Christine, you just couldn't take one for the team could ya???

Anyway, I've got three (ish) days left before I return to the grind of city life and college. I fully intend to continue devouring Talenti gelato (I have 7 different flavors waiting in the fridge right now) and maybe even get more crafting done. I'm living in my sorority's penthouse next semester, maybe they'll let me hang some of my crafts up. Maybe.

Hope everyone enjoys today!

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