Saturday, March 14, 2015

City Living

I love New York. I love how ridiculously high the buildings stretch up to touch the sky, I love how I walk by movie sets on my way to class, and I love all of the insanely delicious restaurants I get to try.

My favorite thing about New York though, is that you can be whoever you want, and this directly translates over into wearing whatever the hell you want. Over the top, understated, vintage, luxe- it doesn't matter, this is New York. You're welcome to do as you please.

(Michael Kors trench coat, Windsor dress, F21 heels)

I've been having a lot of fun here in the city. When it comes to style, I'm really not much of a risk-taker: I know what I like, and do exactly that. I do like to try new things, especially clothes that make a statement, but I'm not the type of person to assume that I can pull off an oversized fur coat with clunky combat boots- the current staple of NYC fashionistas. Which makes me feel apprehensive about making outfit posts, I start questioning whether what I'm wearing is remotely interesting. Then I realized, it doesn't matter. I'm having fun, I'm telling my story, and that is what matters.

I actually have no idea where this necklace I'm wearing is from, I usually remember wear I got each of my jewelry pieces but I'm at a loss with this one. Either way, I love wearing it because of how big and eye-catching it is. The yellow stones add an immediate splash of bright color, and the tiny crystals in between make sure I've got some sparkle going on. And despite the monochromatic nature of fashion in NYC, I always like to wear a little bit of color to keep things fresh.

This black dress is great because of the intricate embroidery near the neckline- it's a fun twist on an elegant classic, and perfect for the spring. I love clothes that give glimpses of skin in a creative and classy way, and this dress does just that.

Trench coats are another classic piece, and I'm so thankful to have finally found one for myself. Thank you Union Square Nordstrom Rack for bringing me to this lovely beige coat from Michael Kors. It's funny, nearly all of my coats and jackets are from Michael Kors- I hate the monogrammed MK bags everyone carries but I gotta say, MK coats are the best.

These fabulous open toed heels are actually from Forever 21- I've started to try to expand my shoe collection, and I've always had an affinity for the stylish heels at Forever 21. Many of my favorite shoes are from F21- they're cheap, they're cute, and to be honest, I destroy all of my shoes really quickly so at this point it doesn't matter what brand they are, they're going to end up ruined in 2-3 months and so I might as well save some money by grabbing a pair of cute heels at Forever instead of splurging on fancier brand shoes at Saks.

I finally got a small bag to use when I don't need to lug my worn out Longchamp around. Pale grey is a great color for purses in the spring because they work so well with neutrals as well as the brighter jewel tones that pop up during the warmer months. And I'm a sucker for gold detailing, so it was pretty inevitable that this bag would end up in my hands.

A special shout out to Rebecca, Sunwoo, & Eva for helping me with these photos! I love you guys.

Happy Spring Break, everyone!

PC: Rebecca Neihaus, Sunwoo Chae, & Eva Chien

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