Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Treat Yo Self: Snowdays Shavery

I've been meaning to make a post about Snowdays Shavery for awhile now, but 1) I've been kind of lazy 2) my free trial of Photoshop ended and I couldn't figure out how to torrent it (because I'm poor and don't want to pay). However, I'm finally doing it now so yay! Snowdays has become my top go-to dessert place, and every person I take there never fails to love it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Windy Day Chic

Helloooo everyone, so as predicted, the weather is being WEIRD and refusing to commit to either the chilly days of winter or the warmer ones of spring. Which makes getting dressed a real damn struggle. Also, it's been randomly snowing??? It's almost April!! This is absurd. I really can't deal with snow, especially when it morphs into rain, because I'm still an irresponsible child who relies on her mother to keep her posted about the weather and so unless my mom warns me that it's going to rain, I end up soaked because I did not bring my umbrella. Again. #ThanksMom

Today was pretty nice though, the sun was shining and I loved it. Except the sunshine means that NYC is crowded with tourists and natives looking to enjoy some Vitamin E and snap some new Instagram pictures, and yeah I love people, but I also really hate people.

It was also really windy today, hence the title of this outfit post: Windy Day Chic. So creative and thought provoking, I know. 

(MK trenchcoat, F21 top, Charlotte Russe skirt, BCBG booties)

Learning to Be Happy

So, I've been taking a class called Science of Happiness this semester and despite how I don't do 98% of the readings or the admittedly cheesy assignments, I think this class has actually succeeded in teaching me how to finally be happy. Or maybe it hasn't, but either way, everything has just been working out in my life recently and it's been kind of a crazy ride. Hope you're ready to join me (ya know, if you continue reading this). Warning: there are no pretty pictures, except this kind of cute one below (I'm trying, ok???).

Friday, March 20, 2015

Is it Spring Yet???

Happy first day of spring, everyone! It's snowing here in Jersey, so it doesn't feel much like spring but I still wanted to celebrate with a new outfit post. Springtime means bright colors, flowing fabrics, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: bare legs! Thank the lord, I hate leggings/tights/all forms of pants very, very much so this is a great season for me. At this point in my life, I've definitely built up somewhat of a reputation for never wearing pants anywhere, ever. Fun fact: during high school, I won the superlative "Most Likely to Never Wear Pants" - yeah, my parents were real proud of that.

I love spring fashion, but I know that dressing in the spring can get tricky, since it's basically both sunny and chilly most of the time. My essential go-to ensemble during March through May is to throw on a loose sundress and then a light jacket on top- my legs stay breezy, my torso is covered, and overall I feel put together but still very relaxed.

(MK trenchcoat, F21 dress, Zara flats, Converse bag)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

City Living

I love New York. I love how ridiculously high the buildings stretch up to touch the sky, I love how I walk by movie sets on my way to class, and I love all of the insanely delicious restaurants I get to try.

My favorite thing about New York though, is that you can be whoever you want, and this directly translates over into wearing whatever the hell you want. Over the top, understated, vintage, luxe- it doesn't matter, this is New York. You're welcome to do as you please.

(Michael Kors trench coat, Windsor dress, F21 heels)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bad Day Blues

I've been having a bad day. That's a lie, I've been having a bad week- actually forget it, I've been having a bad month. I get to live in NYC and do amazing things but I don't know, something's been off. I'm thankful to have the support of so many friends and Kappa sisters but overall I've been feeling like absolute shit. Usually when I hit a slump like this I hide in bed for a couple weeks and live off of binge watching TV shows and eating massive amounts of comfort food (mashed potatoes, anyone?) but I've been trying to be better about snapping myself out of this funk.

'You should look your best when you feel your worst' - is my mantra. It's a little extreme but I stand by it 100%. I may feel like a complete loser but I sure as hell won't look like one. And it does make feel better, to know I can at least be happy with how I'm dressed.

So here's what I wore today, it's been a shit day but I thought why not, why not share this part of my life and thought process. And I do really like this outfit so I'd like to think it's worth posting.

(Black H&M kimono, F21 v-neck, navy CR skirt, Vince Camuto booties)