Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015: Le Classic Romantic

There's two days left till Valentine's Day! 
If you're still scrambling for that perfect date outfit, I've got one right here for you: le classic romantic, because I wanted to make up a cool name (I'm trying, okay???).

This is the look for anyone wanting to dress up but not be overdone. Here I'm wearing a high-collared red dress from Blue Kimchi (available at Urban Outfitters) with a black asymmetrical Michael Kors trench coat. When putting together a bold look, it's key to stick to a very specific palette. I'm keeping things easy with this outfit by wearing a bright red dress and a black jacket- it doesn't get any simpler than that. The two colors create a strong contrast with one another without clashing, and I add in sprinkles of white and gold with my accessories.

I led an archaeological dig into my closet and discovered this lovely white Givenchy tote. White's not the most conventional color for a Valentine's Day accessory but it works perfectly with this color combination. So don't be afraid to add a splash of white/cream to your reds/pinks/blacks - bonus points if the accessory is from an ex like mine is- hahahahahahaha sorry, I couldn't resist.

I have an affinity for all things gold and I appreciate how well gold works with a startling shade like red. I've paired a butterfly statement ring with a gold bracelet set with tiny crystals, and of course my reliable Anne Klein watch. The simple designs of each of these pieces creates an elegant and understated combination.

I also treated myself to a new pair of sunglasses, since Treat Yo Self 2015 is still happening. And I always wear oversized shades because well, I have a big head (shout out to my parents for giving my sister all of the good genes)- I love this new pair because of the ridiculously circular lenses, it's fun to wear and adds a layer of whimsy to any ensemble.

(draw me like one of your french girls, Jack~)

And of course, the best accessory for Valentine's Day is a big bouquet of roses. 


may your Valentines bring expensive bottles of wine and giant boxes of chocolates :)

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