Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pretty in Pink (& Black!)

Full disclosure: these pictures are actually from awhile ago but I figured I might as well post them since it's way too cold to take new outfit photos anytime soon. I think this look might qualify as business casual (at least in my world). Maybe business formal if I switched to a pair of black pumps. Wait, is business formal even a thing? (*war flashbacks to the rushing for a sorority and trying to figure out what 'snappy casual' means*)

Here I'm wearing a high-collared pale pink lace dress (Forever 21) with a deconstructed black blazer (H&M) and my handy dandy brown riding boots (Steve Madden). I like to keep things simple, in terms of a color palette, so with this outfit I'm sticking to shades of pink contrasting with black.

I also wore a pair of over-the-knee maroon socks along with standard black tights to add a deeper shade of pink as well as to keep me just a little bit warmer.

Since I wanted to keep things flowing and comfortable,  I chose a dress that cuts in at the waist slightly but then flounces out into a fuller skirt. The lace material contrasts beautifully with the black blazer, too- with lace clothing items, it's important to add in more solid textures to keep the outfit from getting too 'busy'.

And I'm wearing one of my favorite necklaces here- I love the vintage look it has along with the fun assortment of purple and pink stones. Honestly, statement necklaces are such an easy way to personalize 'business casual/formal' outfits: they add the bit of sparkle every look needs. They're pretty and whenever I wear one I can pretend I'm wearing the crown jewels of the nation I obviously rule over as queen. One day, one day....

I've been wearing rings a lot more lately, and I love it! The extra accessories really do make a difference, despite being so small. My favorite places to pick up eye-catching ring sets include Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and H&M (such good bargains!)

This is my everyday watch, God bless my sister for picking out the perfect timepiece for me. It's gold, it's simple, it's elegant- I need to start being more careful with it though, it already has a giant crack across the face....(insert my mom telling me "I told you so!!!!")

I've been adding a lot of new, (maybe) unexpected pieces to my wardrobe though, so keep a look out!
I really can't wait for warmer weather, I need winter to finally come to an end already.

Fun fact: I was late to class today because I was curling my hair because I have a HUGE crush on this guy in that class...and I still didn't say hi to him. Even though his best friend introduced himself to me during our recitation yesterday, so I had an in. Basically, I suck. Yeah I'm going to go eat a pot of mashed potatoes now (my newest coping mechanism, holla).


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