Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Fashion Week Shenanigans

Had some more New York Fashion Week adventures with the lovely Julia (a fellow Kappa at NYU & a blogger) because we're too cool for school, duh.

Thank you so much to the amazing Kelly Han of cremedelachic for sending me to Lulu's Style Studio this past weekend! I had an amazing time getting my makeup done, enjoying sweet cocktails, and of course, filling my swag bag with goodies. It was surreal meeting so many successful bloggers, and I definitely picked up a tip or two.

Tip #1: get business cards. Everyone has them, and when you are the only one without a card, it makes networking infinitely more difficult and paints you as less professional.

Tip #2: fake it till ya make it. 

I will definitely be posting more pictures from Lulu's Style Studio soon- I scored a gorgeous red shift dress at the wardrobe event as well as many, many makeup goodies and want to share them with you guys :)

I was also lucky enough to have my makeup done by the magical Tomy Rivero - he is amazing, adorable, and a miracle worker when it comes to contouring and using fake lashes.

Hope everyone's enjoying Fashion Week as much as we are!! xx

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